Music should be key part of education

Many people in this country agree that our public schools are going downhill. Students from other countries far out-pace our own in the fields of mathematics and science, and even the knowledge of the native language.

How can we let this happen to our future? We must take steps to ensure that our children get the well-rounded education they need. If children are our future, don't we want them to lead as best they can?

The most appalling lack in our current system of education is a thorough grounding in music, which is a great basis to build everything else on.

For people throughout the ages, music was a crucial part of culture, religion, education, history, not to mention everyday life. They taught their children about life and their world using song and story. It was absolutely inseparable from many cultures' forms of education.

Having been fortunate enough to have a family life filled with music, I can understand the value of starting young. At the age of three one doesn't necessarily know that singing in front of people should be nerve wracking or scary.

This helps to create a confidence that will carry across into other areas of life. Confidence is key in academia; we must try things that have never been done before. To essay is really to try, to attempt. Without confidence how can that happen?

It is our job to stand up for the rights of our children and our future.

Learning about music should not be a privilege, but a valued aspect of the educational environment. We must all strive to leave a strong legacy, and right the wrong being done to our children by demoting them to mediocrity.

Kimberly Stites

Forest Grove

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