Missing plates ticketed

Portland parking patrol officers are issuing $35 tickets for vehicles that do not have front license plates.

Although city code has allowed such tickets to be issued since 2005, the Portland Office of Transportation just decided to begin issuing them March 1.

According to agency spokeswoman Cheryl Kuck, one reason for the decision is to improve enforcement of the city's growing number of red-light cameras, which take pictures of the front of cars running red lights.

Kuck notes that parking officers long have issued tickets for missing rear license plates and lapsed registration tags.


Market gets Beard rights

Supporters of a year-round Portland public fresh-food market now have a new selling point in their bid to land a permanent home - the right to use the name of the city's best-known chef, the late James Beard.

According to Ron Paul, consulting director for the Historic Portland Public Market Foundation, the naming rights come from the James Beard Foundation, a New York-based nonprofit organization that promotes the culinary arts. It was founded in 1986, the year after Beard died at age 83.

Beard is considered a major figure in the establishment of the American style of food.

He still is honored in many ways, including with annual James Beard Foundation Awards that celebrate fine cuisine and his birthday marked on the first Monday in May.


Emissions input sought

The group developing a carbon cap-and-trade program for the region is seeking public comment on a draft plan, which is expected to be finalized in time for next year's legislative session.

Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski helped found the regional group, called the Western Climate Initiative, which asks members to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

One goal is to develop a regional cap-and-trade program, which would enforce a gradually lowering cap on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions allowed through the trading of credits on a carbon market.

The public can comment on who would be subject to the caps, how the credits would be dispersed and the role of carbon offsets - investing in projects like tree-planting that would make up for emissions.

To read the draft and submit comments, go to

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