Fear not, Boring residents: The e-mail some of you received about the discovery of a large mountain lion is a hoax - sort of.

'Who says there are no mountain lions in Boring, Or.!' reads the e-mail that has circulated throughout the Internet. 'Look at what our neighbor hit with his car on Richey Rd! (sic)'

The message then shows two pictures of a man next to the large cat after animal control specialists apparently put it out of its misery.

'I wounder (sic) how many dogs, cats and farm animals have gone missing because of this full size Cat,' wrote a Gresham man who forwarded the e-mail. 'Print this photo, and warn people of the real danger out in the country.'

It's true that a 200- to 220-pound mountain lion was hit by a Ford F-350 truck late last year, according to myth-busting site, but the supposed Richey Road setting is false.

'As typically happens with Internet-circulated photos of killed or captured animals, the accompanying text was altered multiple times to place the mountain lion in a variety of locales, including other parts of Arizona, Kentucky, Arkansas, West Virginia and Wisconsin,' Snopes wrote on the matter.

A spokeswoman at the Clackamas branch of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said her office has received many calls regarding the e-mail during the past few days.

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