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Dear Sandy High School sports,

Hi there, remember me? I haven't had the chance to cover an actual sporting event in a while. Now, that's not entirely true, I have covered two softball games in the past three weeks, but who's counting?

I know, it's not your fault because of the weather and the postponements/cancellations, but I miss covering the games.

There is nothing like covering sporting events at your school, the excitement, the pageantry and all the challenges of incredible student athletes that battle until the end.

So, when are we going to get back to playing the games? I know it's not your fault; this darn rain has just played havoc with your schedule and has forced numerous postponements and cancelations. That is just the joys of living in Oregon, dealing with rain during sports seasons and having to plan everything around it.

But I will say, this is getting old.

I just want to cover sports and report what the kids are doing on the fields and courts. I know that there are still a lot of great feature stories to do, but if I do them all now, what will I do features on in the next six months or year? I can't do features on all the students, especially when they have four years in high school.

I have tried to think of some way to get the games going again and there just isn't a correct answer to that. Short of putting a dome on every outdoor field or court, the rain is just something we have to deal with here.

I will admit I have gotten tired of the rain. It is spring and we are supposed to be getting our first look at the defending Mount Hood League Champion baseball team. Coach Garet Luebbert has a young team ready to defend their title and show what this team is made of, but if it keeps raining they may not get the chance to defend their title.

On the girl's side of the ball, head coach Laurie Smallwood has a young, determined team that has the looks of a surprise team in the Mount Hood Conference. In the two games that I have covered, they have pounded out nine and ten runs respectfully and the pitching has dominated.

While I haven't covered them yet, the girls and boys tennis teams look excited and pumped to show they can play hard and battle the best. Boys tennis coach Aaron Raasch has the boys playing strong tennis and battling early this season. In the last couple of weeks they defeated Estacada, then lost to Hood River, but they continue to improve and battle through the delays caused by the weather.

This town deserves some good news and with the early results from the spring sports, what little results there are, the teams have been very competitive.

Now, if the weather will just cooperate.

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