Severance package an embarrassment

Only in Gresham would you see a public employee administrator (Susan Bischoff) receive six months severance pay in a new contract that specifies three. Can somebody please refer a private attorney to the Gresham City Council who can write an enforceable contract with an administrator that eliminates these outrages severance packages?

I doubt Mayor Shane Bemis pays ex-managers of his restaurants six months pay for promising not to sue him when he lets them go for unsatisfactory performance. Thank you Gresham City Council for helping me decide on how to vote for any levies you send my way. You obviously have enough money that you can throw it away.

Kim Ell


Positive story makes reader proud

Thank you for printing something so positive ('A Gracious Gift' in the April 5 edition of The Outlook). Cathe Wiese and My Father's House have done so much good for our community and hearing about this update warms the heart. Too often you focus on the negative and thank you for showing that Gresham has someone and something to be proud about.

Sherry Rice


Gresham should build a soccer park

I think the city could be improved by making indoor/outdoor soccer parks for Gresham. The parks could be free or member passes. It could maybe have holes in the wall large enough (high enough) to be football uprights for people to practice football kicking.

My first reason is because there are a lot of football and soccer players in my school. So I'm guessing that there are a lot of soccer players in Gresham. A soccer park would be great for all soccer, the football players, adults and children alike. Some people will get fat if they are not inspired to play and get exercising.

Another reason that's equally important is because East Side United FC coaches have little time and space at all to practice anywhere else. All the places are full. I bet other soccer clubs are having the same problem. It could even be a football team that needs extra practice. There would be more space for that.

Where would we put it in Gresham? North of the Springwater Trail High School. Where would we get the money and help to build it? Hold a fundraiser at schools for the money. Get volunteers to help build it. For people who want to practice more, but can't because their yard is so small you can't practice. That is a reason why I think we need a soccer park in Gresham, for all, not only me. I think it would be breathtaking.

One last reason is because people don't have room to play at their house, so we need a place for those people to practice. If we don't they will probably not get active, they don't exercise and so they will get unhealthy.



City should make Regner Road safer

Have you ever tried to cross Regner Road? It's really hard to see for cars coming on from Cleveland Avenue, especially during the day. The point is that Regner Road has a blind spot where Southeast Cleveland comes out that could cause accidents.

The reason Regner Road should be fixed is that it could save lives, injuries and a lot of car insurance claims. Now they have already installed a speedometer to monitor drivers' speeds. I predict that left unchanged, the curve in the road might cause accidents. I observed this problem when my dad and I almost got into an accident on Regner.

A solution is to do nothing at all. We could sit and wait until something happens and then maybe figure something out. Wouldn't it be prudent if we could've figured something out before a fatality happens?

A better solution is to install blinking yellow lights around the intersection. This way, it would warn people to slow down at the intersection and to look both ways. The problem is that it would be hard to find a place to hang those lights, but it is better to save lives than money.

Regner Road has a blind spot that can be fixed. The reason that it should be done is it could save lives. A solution is to install blinking yellow lights around the intersection. Let's make Gresham roads safer.



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