Survey: is saving the environment worth paying higher taxes?

Is sustainability a course of action or merely a buzzword? Is it really that easy being green? Or, are there costs that impede our efforts to reduce our carbon footprints?

With the thrum of eco-friendly hubbub cluttering the news, the News-Times is hoping to find out what readers think about environmentally conscious causes.

So, for the past few weeks we have put this on-line survey on our website to help us sort the substance from the sound bites. So far, more than 100 readers have responded.

Among the questions we're asking are:

Should government play a role in promoting or subsidizing environmental initiatives?

Should it be a personal responsibility to promote and strengthen environmental initiatives?

What steps have you or your family taken to reduce any negative impact on the environment?

Should the MAX line be extended to Forest Grove and Cornelius?

Should the 57 bus line be extended to Forest Grove High School?

Would you support a ban on plastic bags?

Would you support a ban on backyard burning?

Would you support a gas tax increase?

How would you rate the recycling service in your region?

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