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Peter Baumann invented a letter box camera to show when the mail arrived.

Hallinan Elementary School featured 120 fifth and sixth graders at this year's Invention Convention featuring inventions from the simple - keep from ruining your painted nails - to the complex - moss water purification and filtration for African water problems.

Other inventions include: manipulating a camera along the floor to 'find' lost items, delivering meds on the go, taking care of pets and cleaning rooms, houses and desks.

To round out the evening, more than 50 kindergarteners through fourth graders brought science experiments to impress the crowd of 300 parents, relatives and neighbors who attended this year's science fair on Wednesday, April 2.

Principal Steve Mauritz started including students from the lower grades two years ago with great success. The evening of scientific presentation and invention experiments prepares lower-grade students for the demands of the Invention Convention held when students are in fifth or sixth grade.

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