1918 - Hessel's Farm Machinery was selling this little tractor 90 years ago. 'It is more easily handled than a team (of horses),' bragged the equipment dealers. The 'little tractor' was 10-feet-3 inches long, 4-feet-10-inches wide and 5-feet-1-inch high. It weighed about 3,600 pounds.

1928 - The Walker Fox farm ran a classified ad looking for a mother cat 80 years ago. The fur farm had a pair of orphaned silver foxes in need of nourishment. The ad produced a maternal feline, and the foxes were flourishing. A fox fur coat or collar was in high regard in Europe at the time.

Mrs. Carl Goger arrived at The Outlook with a bouquet of her early sweet peas. Every year she made an effort to be the first to have sweet peas in flower. The first blooms appeared on May 9.

1938 - A Sandy River dam built to divert the upper mouth of the river into the present channel was nearly complete 70 years ago. The dam, now eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, will be altered as part of some modifications in the Sandy River Delta. A complete history of its construction was prepared by the U.S. Forest Service.

And fishing season was coming up. L.L. Kidder Hardware offered 80-yard single action reels for 29 cents and tackle boxes for 98 cents. If you needed skillets to fry your catch, a 3-piece set of Iron Mountain cast iron was priced at $1.09.

1948 - The smelt run 60 years ago didn't work out too well for Frank Rohrbach. He was smoking 200 pounds of smelt when things got out of hand and his smokehouse burned down. The greasy smelt fueled a dandy fire. In other news some 700 people packed Corbett Grade School for a community carnival that raised $500 for a living war memorial for the Corbett area. Jean Ellis was named queen of the carnival and Jean Kerslake came in a close second. And in Canby a tragedy claimed two Gresham farmers, Walford Staffenson and William Trimble, when they were struck by a train at a crossing and killed.

1958 - Gresham Methodists broke ground for their new building 50 years ago. Gordon Russell was named president of the Northwest Elementary School Administrators Association. Gordon Russell Middle School is named for him.

1968 - The Troutdale City Council passed an annexation ordinance doubling the size of the city 40 years ago. The existing city limits covered about 250 acres. The new annexation stretched west to the edge of the Multnomah County Farm and south to the Douglass cemetery. Mayor Glenn Otto was promoting annexation because the city was about to build a new sewer plant north of town. That site is now an urban renewal district and about to be rebuilt.

1978 - Sandy's Camera shop opened in Gresham 30 years ago offering the latest high-tech gear. An under-dash eight-track stereo for your car was $89.99. Super 8 cameras for filming your own movies were $149.85. Movie projectors, of the kind that drove the audio-visual aides crazy in school, were $99.99. Portland Trail Blazer Maurice Lucas appeared at the grand opening.

1988 - Troutdale's branch of the Oregon Bank closed the door for the last time on April 8 20 years ago, ending 30 years of banking in the city. The bank was robbed on its very last day. The building is now the Troutdale police station.

1998 - Political newcomer Rod Park decided to take on incumbent Ruth McFarland for the Metro council 10 years ago. McFarland objected to Park's claim of being 'energetic' saying, 'Hidden in that implication is the fact that I am older than dirt.' Park won.

2007 - At this time last year Tyrus Leon Baker was the 10,000th child born at Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center. And Roy McCracken of Gresham was relieved to learn that his son, Micah, 22, was OK after a mass shooting at Virginia Tech University. On a lighter note, the congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church played kazoos at their Sunday service proclaiming that 'Jesus had a sense of humor.'

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