Love-smitten teenage vampires invaded Clackamas Community College Friday, but, possibly due to the intermittent patches of sunlight between showers and hail, no students fell prey to their bloodlust.

Part of an upcoming film version of the popular young adult series 'Twilight' was being filmed at the greenhouses at the back of the campus on Friday.

'Twilight,' the sequel to which spent 30 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller for Children's Chapter Books List is about high school student Isabella Swan, who moves from Phoenix to Forks, Wash., and ends up falling in love with another student, Edward Cullen. But Cullen is a vampire, constantly torn between his attraction to Isabella and his belief that there is no redemption and no afterlife for vampires, so he can't turn her into a vampire and be with her.

'(Edward) is a vampire, and she's not, she's a civilian,' said Peter Silbermann, the film's publicist. 'And they have a love affair, it's a vampire love story.'

Isabella will be played by Kristen Stewart, of 'Into the Wild' and 'Panic Room,' and Edward will be played by Robert Pattinson, who played Cedric Diggory in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.'

The film, produced by Summit Entertainment, will spend 47 days shooting in and around Portland with a principle cast of 12, though the story is set in Forks, Wash. The full cast includes about 130 people.

Silbermann said they had been shooting at Madison High School in Portland, which will double as Forks High School, and needed to find a greenhouse, which brought them to CCC.

'(The scene at CCC) is an extension of the biology room (at Madison), a field trip to a greenhouse,' Silbermann said.

The shoot at CCC lasted most of Friday, and they planned on finishing it all in one day. Silbermann said that although the author of the book on which the film is based didn't have an active role in drafting or approving the script, she was 'involved in liking it, and it was very important to us that Stephenie (Meyer) like the script … Obviously things kind of change with a movie, but she understands that.'

Catherine Hardwicke, who directed 'Thirteen' and 'Lords of Dogtown,' will direct the film, which Silbermann said will be rated no higher than PG-13, as it has no profanity or gore.

It is set for release around December 2008.

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