Superintendent Fetz has approved purchase of milk cooler
by: , The tomato sauce in question has been removed from shelves.

Schools Superintendent Howard Fetz has taken action to correct food-service health violations issued by the Clackamas County Community Health Division.

One citation involves a large quantity of tomato sauce that expired in 2000. The citation, listed as 'critical' and dated June 6, 2007, reads: 'Food packages are not in good condition, specifically: bulk tomato sauce…(has) rusty seals and cans.'

The health department advised the school district to 'correct immediately' and stated that 'food packages shall be in good condition to protect the integrity of the contents…discard old cans of tomato sauce.' The report was signed by Clackamas County Health Inspector Joel Ferguson.

The other citation involves a milk cooler that was never replaced at the high school. Milk is placed on ice each day during lunch service instead of being kept in a refrigerator. Ferguson says that keeping milk on ice is not an adequate method of storage. The ice melts, the temperature changes, and the cartons become saturated with water. Then milk leaks out and water seeps into the cartons.

The violation for the milk cooler, originally issued in June 2004 - and also listed as critical - reads: Facility lacks a milk cooler for cold storage during serving periods…Required correction: Obtain a milk cooler before next school year begins.'

Steve Dahl, manager of Clackamas County Community Environmental Health, confirmed the dates of the violations and said on Friday that the district was removing the old tomato sauce and that Fetz had approved purchase of a milk cooler.

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