Support fair pay for women

Studies show that women earn only 77 cents on the dollar compared to men. The American Association of University Women (AAUW) is working hard to change this metric.

We support The Fair Pay Restoration Act (S. 1843), which clarifies that each discriminatory paycheck is in fact another act of discrimination. In doing so, it restores the law to how it was previously applied, which is 180 days from the last discriminatory paycheck, not 180 days from the last discriminatory raise. We encourage everyone to contact U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith and ask him to co-sponsor this important bill.

To learn more about S.1843 and other issues surrounding pay equity, the public is invited to attend Gresham AAUW's free panel discussion at 7 p.m. April 22 in the Gresham High School cafeteria.



Diane McKeel for county commissioner

The race for Multnomah County commissioner in District 4 has three qualified candidates. My choice is Diane McKeel, executive director of the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce (formerly the Troutdale Chamber.) Diane has worked for the Chamber for nine years, and she has a working knowledge and understanding of the challenges facing East County. Diane is a problem solver and consensus builder.

Diane was hired by the Chamber to help it recover from a financial crisis and to regain its credibility and stability in the business community. To return the Chamber to the present organization that it is, Diane has used her business management skills along with honesty and integrity, all the while giving the utmost respect to all involved. It is because of Diane, with the support of the Troutdale area businesses, that the Chamber has succeeded.

Diane has all the qualifications essential for a county commissioner. She is informed and understands the complex problems that affect our region. She has the intellect and leadership abilities required to find solutions that will bring economic growth and more family-wage jobs to support our future.

I ask you to vote May 20 for Diane McKeel for Multnomah County commissioner, District 4.



Don't blame presidents for everything

In Terry Taylor's letter, published in the April 16 paper, the writer failed to state that President Bush is also responsible for overcrowding in schools and traffic congestion. Judging from the list of faults recited by Taylor, this president is solely responsible for every ill that is present in the world today.

This president or any president does not have the power to control the litany of concerns recited by Taylor. Piling fault after fault onto this one person serves only to absolve everyone else, including all other elected officials and ourselves, of all responsibility.

When people disagree on the solution to our problems, it does not mean that either side is 'pro-death.' If we debate these same issues, reasonably, in good faith and without useless rhetoric, we will come to a solution that is attainable and sustainable. Without reasonable dialogue, we will achieve nothing.



My new favorite coffee shop is Carlino's

After reading an article in The Gresham Outlook, I decided to visit the new coffee shop, Carlino's. It is the friendliest place I have ever been to; they are so helpful and attentive - and the final hook - they have the best cookies I've ever tasted!

Even by our second visit, they knew our drinks. The atmosphere is great - it's clean, comfortable and bright - I could stay there all day.

My concern is that if you don't drive past it, you might not know where it is (it's off Halsey between 223rd and 207th, by Target), so I want to encourage people to look it up. You won't be disappointed, and it may become your favorite coffee shop too.



McKeel the right choice for commissioner

East Multnomah County has developable land available to attract top-quality companies and create family-wage jobs. As county commissioner, Diane McKeel has the insight and connections needed to ensure such businesses settle in this area. Diane will attract those businesses whose products and services will not be harmful to the environment. She will work hard to bring in much-needed 'green' development with quality affordable housing nearby. Diane understands the value and importance of our beautiful natural surroundings, and she will fight to protect them. She'll work hard to create the right balance between business/industrial development, jobs and the environment. McKeel is the right choice for Multnomah County commissioner.



McKeel will work to solve problems

I am a proud supporter of Diane McKeel for Multnomah County commissioner, and I highly recommend her for this position. Nothing is harder than trying to find solutions to today's many problems, and Diane McKeel is keenly aware of these problems and will work for us all as she finds these answers.

Her approach has been to listen and use her private-sector experiences to work together to find ways that in today's world works. Our government will be well served by someone with Diane McKeel's vast experience.

Make no mistake; this is a very difficult time, and Diane McKeel can help us all in many ways. I ask that you vote for her for Multnomah County commissioner when your ballots arrive.


State representative


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