Mayor Rob Drake seeks another term in office

After nearly 15½ years as Beaverton's mayor, Rob Drake is seeking a fifth term to continue his work to move the city forward.

He points to efforts to enhance public safety, ensure Beaverton's long-term economic stability, creation of programs to support business, improve public involvement and expand sustainability initiatives as signs of progress made under his administration.

'I really like what I do,' Drake said. 'I believe we've made a difference and we're not done.

'We had a rough couple years. I seriously considered not running, but anything worth having isn't always easy. We've learned a lot in the last few years.'

Among the lessons learned through the contentious Nike litigation over public records and the adoption of an aggressive forced island annexation policy, Drake recognized that he needs to take more time to listen to community partners and the public as he demonstrated with the city's visioning process.

'I probably try to move too fast and I get impatient when people don't move at my pace,' Drake said. 'I want to see results and a return on our investment.'

He believes those lessons, along with his experience as the city's chief executive officer, managing more than 450 full-time employees and a $115 million budget distinguish him from his opponent, City Councilor Dennis Doyle.

'I'm more seasoned - I've managed a city government for the last 16 years and have 30 years of progressive senior management experience,' Drake said. 'I have a much richer background - volunteerism isn't comparable.'

Before taking the helm of the city, Drake served as director of operations for Decision Point Data, general sales manager of Hinman Vineyards and sales manager of Columbia Distributing/Maletis Beverages.

He also previously served on the City Council, Planning Commission and Board of Design Review.

From his leadership, he said people can expect 'good things won't change' in the city.

'I want to keep the city in a strong, fiscal position and plan to continue operating in a tight, fiscal way,' Drake said.

He also hopes to continue working with county and regional partners to tackle tough transportation issues.

'Transportation is a key priority,' Drake said.

Other priorities for Drake are continuing efforts to redevelop the downtown and to create a strong action plan from the city's visioning process.

'We have a visioning plan I am committed to seeing through,' he said.

'Our community is evolving,' Drake added. 'We are on the cusp of major redevelopment in downtown.'

He praised property owners for investing in the major improvements at Cedar Hills Crossing and at the Kohl's, The Home Depot and Standard TV and Appliance sites.

While his opponent pushes for creation of a cultural center in downtown, Drake is not sold on the idea.

'I think a performing arts center is a nice idea, but I don't think it's a priority,' Drake said. 'A new city hall is more of a priority.'

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