Drake will help keep Beaverton the best

I am voting for Rob Drake for mayor. He has become a rare find for someone to run a city our size. He has built up a dramatic track record of accomplishments. I do not believe his opponent can keep this going.

During Rob Drake's time in office he has achieved the following:

  • Money Magazine '100 Best Places to Live Award.' Beaverton ranked first in the Northwest and 47th in the nation.
  • Beaverton's financial bond rating is A-1 by Moodys and AA by Standard and Poors - the highest rating achieved by any city our size.
  • Beaverton's tax rate is $3.95 - 85 percent of the city's authorized rate to tax which shows a strong fiscal responsibility and low taxes.
  • Government finance officers of the United States presented Beaverton the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Finance Reporting.
  • Beaverton received the Distinguished Budget Award from G.F.O.A. This is quite an accomplishment.
  • Beaverton received the Prestigious International Association of Police Motorola-Webber Seavey Award for identity theft and fraud prevention.
  • Beaverton's library is ranked No. 1 by Hennen's Public Library Ratings.

The above awards and recognitions are not the only ones received by the city while under Mayor Rob Drake's leadership. His office has saved this city many millions of dollars through prudent fiscal management. The above apparently cost him the endorsement of the Oregon Employees Union and the police union while protecting the city employees from layoffs in the long run.

Our city is strong, well financed, safe, and is a great place to live. It doesn't get much better than this.

Let's keep Beaverton the best, as I have seen on the signs, and vote for Rob Drake for mayor.



Join me in re-electing Drake as mayor

I am supporting Rob Drake for re-election as mayor of the city of Beaverton.

When he was first elected in 1993, Beaverton had a population of about 55,000 - today we are at 85,000 and growing.

Since 1993 he has overseen the vastly improved relationships and cooperation between the city of Beaverton and all the other cities in Washington County.

His cooperation and participation in such groups as the Joint Policy Committee for Trans-portation (a Metro group) and Metro Policy Advisory Committee representing the cities of Washington County has vastly improved those relationships as well.

He has been involved in the transition of county gatherings of managers and elected officials from the County Board Coordinating Committee to the Washington County Coordinating Committee, which meets regularly to discuss many issues affecting the county as a whole.

His innovative measures within the city, such as the Picnic in the Park neighborhood meetings, allow citizens of the various neighborhoods an opportunity to speak with the mayor and City Council members on a very informal basis and bring issues to the mayor and council.

His fiscal management has resulted in the city's continued recognition by national organizations as a well-run city. Under his supervision the police department became accredited, which is a nationally envied award.

Beaverton is known as a Tree City USA because of his leadership and has been one of the leading candidates for an award as an All American City.

Please join me in re-electing Rob Drake as mayor of Beaverton.



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