by: Contributed photo, From left to right top row are: Gizelle Polanco, Jeana Taylor and Kate Lierow. From left to right middle row are: Katie Vincent, Lily Adams and Maddy Sorensen. From left to right bottom row are: Megan Cottle, Samantha McVicker and Sophia Bailey.

The Maid Marian Court, who are the official ambassadors of the Sherwood Robin Hood Festival, will announce and crown their queen, Maid Marian, at a public coronation ceremony at 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 7, at the Sherwood Public Library.

Maid Marian will be chosen from this year's Senior Court, which is comprised of students from Sherwood and Valley Catholic high schools.

Included in this year's Senior Court are:

• Megan Cottle, daughter of Mark and Susie Cottle, is a junior at Sherwood High.

At school, Megan is involved in the high school FFA and Bird clubs.

Outside of school Megan is an active ballet dancer and is also one the lifeguards at the Sherwood YMCA.

• Kate Lierow, daughter of Marcy Sherfey is a junior at Sherwood High. Kate enjoys her participation in the high school Tennis team; she is an active snowboarder and sings with her church youth group music team.

• Samantha McVicker, daughter of Bill and Yolanda McVicker, is a junior a Sherwood High. Samantha is very active in the High School National Honor Society and is also part of the production staff for the current school play 'Our Town.' Samantha is also active with her church youth group and is an avid kayaker.

• Gizelle Polanco, daughter of Victor and Aleida Polanco is a freshman at Sherwood High. Gizelle enjoys being a part of the high school women's soccer

team and is very active in the school leadership program. Gizelle is also an active member of her church youth group.

• Katie Vincent, daughter of Bill and Lisa Vincent, is a freshman at Valley Catholic High.

Katie enjoys her involvement in her school's very competitive dance team. When not busy with dance, she enjoys being an activities assistant at Sherwood's St. Francis church and school.

Complimenting the Maid Marian Senior Court is the Maid Marian Junior Court.

This year these young ladies come from all three public schools in Sherwood and are:

• Lily Adams, daughter of Jake and Stephanie Adams, is a first-grader at Middleton Elementary.

Lily is a member of her school's 'Junior Great Books' club and soccer team. Outside of school, Lily enjoys playing the piano, belly dancing and being a member of the Sherwood girls group known as the 'Marigolds.'

• Sophia Bailey, daughter of Greg and Katherine Bailey, is a second grader at Hopkins Elementary Sophia participates in her school's passport club, and 'Junior Great Books' club. Outside of school, Sophia enjoys being a member of the 'Mad Science Club' and is a member of the King City dance team 'Fired Up.'

• Maddy Sorensen, daughter of Brandon and Stephanie Sorensen, is a fourth-grader at Archer Glen Elementary. Maddy sings in her school choir and is on the school softball team. Outside of school, Maddy enjoys learning the French language.

• Jeana Taylor, daughter of Mike and Kim Taylor, is a fourth grader at Hopkins Elementary.

Jeana has been involved with her school's acting troupe, is a library aid and is also a member of her schools 'Junior Great Books' club. Outside of school, Jeana enjoys being a member of Girl Scouts Troop No. 6 and her family is proud of her volunteerism at the 'Hope Diner' here in Sherwood.

According to Pamela Turenne, the court's chaperone, the court will be volunteering their time in a number of ways this year. To begin with, the Senior Court will be participating in the new volunteer program at the Sherwood Public Library and will be donating their time to the library on a regular basis during the months of May, June, July and August, and as always the entire court will be present at the Crusin Sherwood on June 14 promoting the Robin Hood Festival. Over the summer and fall, the court will be holding food drives in front of Albertson's grocery store for Sherwood's Helping Hands food assistance program. The public will see the court in front of the Albertson's from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the following dates: June 7, Aug. 2, Sept. 20, Oct.18 and Nov. 15.

The Maid Marian Court will represent the City of Sherwood in the Hillsboro Fourth of July parade which occurs in the downtown core of Hillsboro. Last year, due to the hard work of the parents of the 2007 court our community's float won best overall entry in a field of 176 entries in this annual Fourth of July Parade; needless to say everyone involved with the Robin Hood Festival and our community was very proud of this accomplishment!

The court is also the centerpiece of Sherwood's Robin Hood Festival which takes place on July 18 and 19 in old town Sherwood. During the Robin Hood Festival, Maid Marian and her court will preside over a very public 'Knighting Ceremony' on the evening of July 18 at 6 the festival's 'Family Village' to recognize and 'Knight' individuals who have generously given their time as volunteers in our community. The court will then present themselves our community float in the Robin Hood Festival Parade on the morning of July 19 and Maid Marian will shoot the first arrow at the renowned international archery tournament happening at the Elks Lodge archery range on the morning of July 19.

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