Popular Tigard market undertakes move to Young's Funeral Home

The popular Tigard Area Farmers' Market has found a new "home," literally, after organizers had previously announced it would not kick off with its usual Mother's Day opening.

Market organizers have been looking for a new location for several months because they cannot use the Washington Square Too parking lot again this year.

Board members had let the vendors know that they didn't see how they could open on the traditional date, and then Young's Funeral Home in Tigard stepped forward and offered its parking lot on Sundays.

"They called us very eager to host our community event and are so welcoming," said Trish Stormont, market director.

Young's Funeral Home is located in the heart of Tigard at 11841 S.W. Pacific Highway, with great visibility from 99W and a nice parking lot for the market.

"We've arranged with the three closest neighbors (Salvation Army, Interior Motives and Wells Fargo Bank) to have customers and vendors park in the vicinity," Stormont said.

"I know, I know, it sounds weird, but it might be sort of fun. And it will be a great site if we can reassemble a Tigard-market-friendly nice blend of fruit, vegetables, plants, flowers, arts and crafts, and food and fun."

As for which vendors will return and how many, Stormont said April 12 that she wouldn't have any idea until after the vendors' meeting set for April 20.

"We have four months of work to do in four weeks to catch up," she said. "We'll know a lot more specifics as the weeks roll by. I'm playing it by ear, taking a day at a time and doing deep breathing."

According to Stormont, Young's called in response to one of three ads placed in local papers.

"We received a lot of phone calls with ideas for the market, but in conjunction with the three neighboring businesses, Young's was the best fit," she said. "The actual market space is a bit tight, but hey, it has superb visibility.'

Right now, Stormont is using the motto, "Produce to die for…"

However, she added, "Halfway through the season, I want to change our motto to 'Pushing (up) daisies...'"

The market is traditionally open Sundays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. from Mother's Day through the end of October. It includes live music and other special events and fund-raisers on market days.

For more information, call Stormont at 503-244-2479.

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