As someone who has twice run for the Legislature, and one who looks forward to engaging voters at the doorstep, in town hall meetings and in the unplanned discussions at the supermarket or park for a third time, I was pleased to read your editorial urging voters to "demand details from candidates" (previosuly run in April 3 issue of The Times and reprinted here).

While time doesn't permit in-depth discussion on all of the issues that influence our quality of life, my experience has been that most citizens in our community do seek specificity in their answers from candidates and elected officials.

Granted, sometimes those answers aren't particularly appealing or favorable, yet in the 15,000-plus houses that I've visited in the last four years, I've consistently encountered people who take full advantage of the opportunity to question those seeking to represent them in Salem.

While I look forward to responding to the challenging questions posed by citizens in our community, I'm especially eager to listen to the priorities, concerns and experiences of the people of House District 35. See you at the doorstep!


House District 35


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