Want to know what the future will look like?

Then come on over to Matt Briggs' house on 305 G Ave. on Saturday between 1 and 4 p.m.

'It's kind of a Jetsons house,' Briggs said.

There won't be a robot maid cleaning up the Briggs residence, but in many ways the 'Deep Green Open House' will be a model of the future, packed with wonderful gadgets that save energy, save water and offer sustainability.

It pretty much sums up what Lake Oswego Sustainability Action Month is all about.

'This event just keeps growing,' Briggs said. 'This house is an embodiment of what the movie (Deep Green) is all about.'

'We're really excited to roll this out,' said Susan Millhouser, sustainability coordinator for the city of Lake Oswego. 'There will be so many stations. Matt's house actually deploys all of the things we've talked about.'

Just to list a few highlights of the 'Jetsons House:'

n Electric transportation - Up to four electric cars will fill the driveway. These plugged-in vehicles will feature rooftop solar panel power.

n Solar electricity - Why use your roof just to keep the rain out? Put in some solar panels and save big bucks on electric bills.

n Energy saving water devices - Low flow showers with chlorine filters, two-button toilets, kitchen water filter to make bottles of water that cost 8 cents each instead of $2.

n An electric retrofitting that is 90 percent more efficient in providing light.

n Showings of Briggs' very own Deep Green, the Citizen Kane of sustainability movies.

Yet with all of this good stuff, Briggs said, 'The most cool thing is that three bankers will be coming to provide loans for projects like these. You end up loaning money to yourself and getting it all back in 10 or 20 years.'

Briggs can help save the planet even when he just takes a bath.

However, it might be surprising to many people that Briggs has no intention of being the Lone Ranger of sustainability.

'You can do it, too,' Briggs promised. 'It's not hard.'

He really means it. Briggs is more fervent about sustainability than ever after a trip to Texas, a state that could definitely use a Matt Briggs.

'Texas is burning down,' he said. 'I could smell all the methane in the air as I was getting off the plane.'

Briggs has added another cause to his list because the Halliburton company (of which Dick Cheney is an alumnus) is using hydraulic fracking in which the earth is literally blown apart in an effort to obtain natural gas.

'Fracking releases 500 toxic chemicals,' Briggs said. 'It's ruining the water table of the USA.'

Briggs used to be a proponent of using natural gas as a clean energy, but, as he says, 'Knowledge changes. I hope we can get completely off fossil fuels.'

So, in pursuit of that goal, Briggs is saying to Lake Oswego in the words of Rosemary Clooney: 'Come on-a my house.'

'I want to go national with this house,' he said. 'It makes environmental and sustainability sense, so it makes common sense.'

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