Realtors call for more single-level homes in Hillsdale

Realtors Pam Taylor of RE/MAX Capitol Properties and Viola Wax of The Hasson Company Realtors told the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association April 2 that the neighborhood is still a desirable area, but many were looking to downsize to smaller homes.

Wax said the types of people who are repelled by suburban developments, such as Beaverton and Tigard, are drawn to the area's older homes with hardwood floors and large yards.

Unfortunately, Taylor said, new developments are following a different trend: large, two-level homes on small lots, or two-level condominiums.

Wax also said that once people stay here, they don't want to leave: the turnover rate in Hillsdale is about 16 years, while in the suburbs it can be three to four years.

So, although many are searching for those few small homes in the area, they can afford to wait until they find it.

'I find that people just stay put . . . because they love the area and don't want to give it up,' Wax said.

St. Luke's considers asking city for piece of 46th Avenue

St. Luke Lutheran Church near 45th Avenue and Vermont Street has bought a property across the street and is now considering asking the city to vacate a block of 46th Avenue that lies between them, said church spokesman Jim Erickson at a Multnomah Neighborhood Association meeting last month.

'That's going to be controversial, and that's why I'm here,' Erickson said. He explained that the church is working closely with SW Trails to ensure and encourage pedestrian traffic along what is now a gravel road that is often used as parking for the church already.

Erickson said they would like to be able to develop more parking and develop the three lots they now own in a way that may be thwarted if there were set-back requirements from the street.

'We want to utilize the property, in terms of building and parking, as efficiently as we can,' he said.

He stressed, however, that the plans were only in the preliminary stages and said they would continue to work closely with Multnomah and Maplewood neighborhood associations.

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