The following letters appeared in the April 30 edition of The Sandy Post:

Disabled dachshund needs you

I am writing this letter to reach out to other dog lovers/owners of the Sandy area.

I have a disabled dachshund that is in dire need of donations. His name is Smuckers, he is 10 months old and was born with a deformed spine. I took in Smuckers when everyone else overlooked him because of his birth defect. Smuckers is in dire need of donations to save his life. He has a condition where there is a valve in his liver that is continuously pumping toxins back into his system and his brain.

In order to save his life, he will need an MRI scan to determine which valve is pumping the toxins into his system. When we find out which valve is messing up, we will then be able to perform a surgery in which the veterinarian will be able to surgically close off that valve.

Due to the high cost of having him hospitalized, and all of the tests that were performed to diagnose his problem, I lack having enough money for the MRI scans, and his surgery.

Smuckers is such a special little dog and he has touched so many peoples' hearts during his 10 short months of life. Please, if you can find it in your heart to help such a special little dog, donate.

You can either donate at the Shell gas station here in Sandy, or you can make a donation to the Northwest Veterinary Specialist for Smuckers. In order to donate to his account at the vet office, please call Bethany Condit at 503-496-3062. Every penny counts!



Loss of Mr. Crow felt far and wide

The loss of former Sandy High teacher Dennis Crow is undoubtedly felt as far as his most geographically distant student. In every corner of the world where one of these students has migrated, the light dimmed a bit the day he left us. I know it did in Nevada where I now live.

Mr. Crow was my English teacher way back in 1968. He seemed much older and wiser than the teenagers in his classes but, in reality, he was just a young man himself. Today we'd actually be peers.

Despite his young age, Mr. Crow was an incredibly dynamic force at Sandy High. To this day, whenever I hear the words "enlightenment" and "eclectic," I think of him. His vocabulary was impressive and, I hope, rubbed off a little on me. He demanded so much - and he managed to get the best out of most of us. To say he was memorable as a teacher is woefully inadequate.

I still remember the little song that students good-naturedly sang to him way back them. "Mr. Crow, Mr. Crow, marching through the halls. Mr. Crow, Mr. Crow, knowing duty calls. Feared by the bad. Feared by the good. Mr. Crow, Mr. Crow, Mr. Crow." I think he must have secretly liked it. He never seemed to take offense; instead he accepted the ribbing in the playful spirit it was intended.

Over the years, he never forgot a student. When I saw him at reunions, he would always laugh gleefully and ask about my older sister and me. 'So how are the Samsel girls?" Well, Mr. Crow, wherever you are right now, the Samsel girls remember you and send their love.


Dayton, Nev.

It's Teen Safety Month

On behalf of the Hoodcourse Acre's Kids Klub, which promotes safety in our own neighborhood, we would like to bring to your attention that May is National Teen Safety Month.

By bringing community awareness to this opportunity to promote saving teens' lives - as well as children and others who may be involved in accidents related to teen driving - we can all make a difference locally in developing good citizens and future leaders in our kids.

Please see information at the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS) for more information - and consider placing an announcement in your next issue to raise awareness.

Particularly with our infamous 'Blood Alley' stretch, safe driving is so important. The highway provides a big temptation to rev it up, show off to friends, and potentially end up hospitalized or worse.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.



National healthcare not the answer

I am writing regarding the issue of nationalized healthcare. I realize all of us who pay privately for healthcare are concerned with the escalating costs, yet I don't see that government-run healthcare is the answer.

I did a quick search, on the Internet for healthcare systems around the world and found that many, if not all, are less than desirable. Some are in serious national debt, and others don't have timely care for patients. Many patients wait 12 months or more waiting to see specialists, and others die waiting to get treatment.

Many citizens feel that the care is substandard and either pay privately or go out of the country for care. Complaints of high taxation with low-quality care are frequent. General practitioner doctors (gateways to specialists and hospitalization) are overworked and underpaid.

I don't think this is what we want in the U.S. Social Security has been running for little over 70 years and is already lacking funding. I ask you: when has government offered us a pristine, well-oiled, efficiently running program?

We need healthcare reform, not healthcare takeover. Don't be fooled by the glorious picture politicians paint of government-run healthcare; it would be a bureaucratic nightmare for all of us.



Thanks to all who loved Joe

Many, many and much loved "thanks" to all who loved Joe.

I'm gonna miss my ball of energy. He was always on the go; at least one body part of him was always on the move. He could be loud and he could be quiet. He always found something nice to say about the people around him and he wasn't afraid to speak his mind. Yeah, I'm gonna miss him, and so will Sam, Cocoa, and Chronic.

We felt we needed to thank everyone, and there are so many people out there to thank. This seems like the best way to let you all know we are grateful for all your love and support.

Thank you again, and don't be afraid to come up and talk to us; we

won't bite.



Friends thank luncheon's donors

The Friends of the Sandy Pool would like to thank the local businesses who generously donated gift certificates for our fund-raiser luncheon: City Grill, Double Dragon, Figaro's Pizza, Momentum Bike Hike and Board, La Bamba, Smoky Hearth Pizza, Some Bookstore in Sandy, Thai Home Restaurant, Wall Street Pizza and Wong's King.

Thanks also to the businesses who donated great prizes: Fred Meyer, Les Schwab, Radio shack, Safeway and Suburban Auto Group.

I really appreciate Dave Seeley and his crew at Outback Steak House; the food and service was excellent, as always! Please remember to shop and thank these businesses, who always come though for our community!

The mission of the Friends of the Sandy Pool is to offer guidance and financial support to the Olin Y. Bignall Aquatic Center. We are a non-profit charitable origination; all donations are tax deductible.


Chairman, Friends of the Sandy Pool


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