Lake Oswego lacrosse coach Peter Lamb threw around the words like 'horrifying,' 'sickening,' and 'helpless' while describing last week's shocking 7-6 playoff loss to Hood River that ended what had been a stellar season.

And, even then, you got the sense that he might have been holding back.

It truly was a stunning result and it's hard to know who was more surprised, the Lake Oswego players or those from Hood River.

'After the game there wasn't even that much cheering or noise from either side. You looked up and I think everyone just were just open,' Lamb said.

After claiming the No. 1 seed in the Three Rivers League, stopping Lakeridge's mammoth in-state winning streak and establishing itself as possibly the team to beat in Oregon this year, the Lakers seemed like a lock to roll into the semifinals, setting up a dream Final 4 showdown along with Lakeridge, OES and Lincoln.

But that all changed last Thursday.

Hood River got off to a good start, scoring first and took a lead into halftime.

'I don't know if we took them lightly. We tried to reiterate that this was not a bad team. They'd given OES and Lincoln good games earlier,' Lamb said.

But that was no big deal. Lake Oswego has made a habit of playing poorly in spurts this year only to turn it on and then blow its competition out of the water.

'Our biggest problem all year is that we don't play four quarters. And this time it came back to bite us,' Lamb said.

A patented Lake Oswego scoring run never came on Thursday.

'We made so many uncharacteristic mistakes. We were dropping passes out of nowhere, our players weren't going toward the goal. We just didn't do one thing right for 48 minutes and we still had a chance to win the game,' Lamb said.

The minutes continued to tick off the clock. Suddenly it was the fourth quarter. It had to be coming soon.

Hood River scored again to go up 7-4.

Something small finally clicked with the Lakers. Lake Oswego scored and started to put Hood River back on its heels.

'They really pushed the panic button and just started chucking the ball,' Lamb said.

But the team still had trouble putting the ball in the net.

'I think we hit the pipe four or five times and we had some one on none opportunities that got stuffed,' Lamb said.

The Lakers scored again late in the game and regained possession with about 30 second to play.

Lake Oswego ran a play for Sean Silverstein who was checked as he fired a shot across the face of the goal.

The ball went out of play and Hood River called a time out with five seconds to play. During the time out, Lake Oswego set up a play for Charlie Wagner.

But, as the teams took the field, the referees informed them that they had reversed their call and ruled that Silverstein was making a pass instead of a shot.

That gave possession to Hood River which then threw the ball far down field and ran out the clock.

'I was going crazy on the sideline. I just couldn't believe the game was going to end on a call like that,' Lamb said.

It was an unceremonious end to the season for perhaps the most talented Lake Oswego team in school history.

The Lakers will graduate 11 seniors this year but will return a number of dynamic playmakers.

'I think the guys who are coming back now expect to be at the top of the pack. They're no longer the hunters, they're the hunted. It these young guys can mature, something like this might be the best thing that could have happened for the future of the program,' Lamb said.

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