AWARDS - A Distinguished Service Award was presented to Mary Beth Coffey by the Lake Oswego City Council June 3, recognizing her service to the Lake Oswego Planning Commission.

* The city council also presented a 20-year pin to Jane Heisler, director of public affairs, in recognition of her long-standing employment with the city.

FLOOD PLAIN - The city council also adopted a new flood management area map June 3, amending Lake Oswego Articles 50.44 (Flood Management Area) and 50.02 (Definitions) to comply with the Federal Emergency Management Agency regulations relating to flood insurance.

HISTORIC FURNACE - Recommendations for restoring the historic furnace in George Rogers Park were made to the city council June 3. Members of the Historic Furnace Task Force presented their ideas in a report to elected officials.

WATER SYSTEM HEARING - A public hearing is scheduled for June 17 at 6 p.m. at Lake Oswego City Hall, 380 A Ave., during the next city council meeting, to review and comment on the options to replace and expand the city's aging water system.

Conservation, a joint water supply partnership with the city of Tigard and the Lake Oswego's water rights on the Clackamas River are some of the topics slated for discussion. Call Joel Komarek, 503-697-6588, with questions.

DEVELOPMENT - Pre-application conferences were held on the following projects June 5:

* A development review permit to convert a single-family dwelling to an office in the Lake Forest neighborhood.

* A development review permit for construction of Phase 5 of the master plan for George Rogers Park.

* A minor partition creating two parcels in the Lake Forest neighborhood.

SPEED CHANGE - The speed limit on McVey Avenue was recently lowered between State Street and South Shore Boulevard. The previous speed limit was posted at 35 miles per hour but is now 30 miles an hour, due to the amount of traffic and concerns from the neighbors. The fine for going 11 to 20 miles over the posted speed limit is $145. Please be aware and observe the new posted speed limit.

CITY COUNCIL - The Lake Oswego City Council next meets June 17 at 7:30 a.m. and again at 6 p.m. at city hall, 380 A Ave.

- Source, city of Lake Oswego.

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