Fourth of July was a day to remember in Lake Oswego

To Editor:

Another thing that make's Lake Oswego great …

Our small town's 4th of July Parade! Congratulations to Kathy Kern, parks and recreation supervisor and her team for making it a day to remember.

What a delight to see so many kids, families and friends. We are grateful to live, work and play in this wonderful community.

Chuck and Lisa Shaw-Ryan

Lake Oswego

Gas prices going up for some reasons that weren't listed

To the Editor:

Wendy Morean is wrong about who caused this 'oil mess and the $4.00 and rising gas prices.' Her recent letter to the editor didn't identify any of the true reasons gas prices have risen nor did she propose a real solution. Let's take a close look at her four bullet points.

1. Bill Clinton's vote not to drill for oil in Anwar in 1995 preserved a pristine wilderness right here in America. But there isn't that much oil in Anwar. The best estimates are that the oil from Anwar would reduce gas prices at the pump by 2¢ a gallon. I think Bill made a good trade-off.

2. The Sierra Club spent $1,064,912 lobbying Congress in 2007. The oil and gas industry contributed $17,050,965 to political campaigns so far this election cycle. Money in politics is a huge problem for our democracy, but I think that $17 million buys a lot more influence than $1 million.

3. Liberals and Democrats have opposed oil drilling on sensitive land, but that hasn't affected gas prices much - you see, experts in the oil industry say that only 2 percent of all oil is under U.S. soil. But the U.S. consumes 20 percent of worldwide oil production. No matter how much drilling we do on sensitive or insensitive land here in the U.S., we aren't going to make a dent in the price of gas.

4. It's no bull - global warming is happening and the science proves it. Impugning Al Gore's honesty won't make global warming go away.

There are plenty of reasons gas prices have risen, but Ms. Morean has identified none of them. One of the most basic reasons is a market truth - as China and India demand more oil, the price rises. The most control Americans have to save at the pump is to pump less.

Cay Borduin

Lake Oswego

We need to keep our drinking water safe

To the Editor:

The cornerstone of sustainability, true since the Etruscans first built aquaducts to Rome, is water for drinking and sanitation that is pristinely pure.

New pollutants are being found in drinking water and even in the bodies of people across the U.S. even as millions of empty plastic bottles a day are reaching landfills. More potent and superfluous (estimates of overuse as high as 40X are reported in surveys) pesticide and herbicides are being joined by pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and plasticizers as found pollutants across the U.S.

The 2007 Water Quality Report for Clackamas River Water found cryptosporidium in the raw water. The Lake Oswego water treatment plant does a fantastic job of ensuring our water quality and the expansion to ensure a constant supply and in addition meet Tigard needs under cost sharing is warranted.

But it seems we are not paying attention to the fact that waste water treatment facilities and even sewage hookups along the Clackamas are woefully inadequate. Alarm bells should be ringing for all of us in Lake Oswego utilizing the tap water originating from the Clackamas river to require the county to implement immediate restrictions on pollution sources and ensure adequate infrastructure safeguards are financed and built to meet the growing need.

Craig Stephens

Lake Oswego

Mom, daughter backing Obama for president

To the Editor:

We have had eight years of the politics of fear.

My 84-year old mother, a life-long voting Republican, and me, a life-long voting Democrat, are choosing the candidate who demonstrates courage, grace and intelligence in his bid for the U.S. presidency.

Barack Obama is what our country needs to turn the page on this divisive chapter in American history. He's a uniter, not a fighter.

Our country has had enough of the 'Bring it On' style of politics. Join us in voting for Obama.

Susan Hereford

Lake Oswego

Dorothy Browne (formerly of Lake Oswego)


No lake access for Lake Oswego kids?

To the Editor:

No lake for the kids?!

Fifty years ago the Schukart family of Lake Oswego entrusted the Lake Oswego School District with the land for the Lake Grove Swim Park because they wanted to be certain that all children in Lake Oswego would have access to the lake forevermore.

Today the city needs access to the lake for the sewer project and the school district is considering cutting down five huge healthy maple trees in the Lake Grove Swim Park, closing it to the kids and turning it over to the sewer.

We are smart people and I believe we can help the city find another place to access the lake for the sewer project. The school district needs to uphold its obligation to the Schukart family and all the children of Lake Oswego.

Let's work together and keep the lake open for all our kids!

Beverly Cramer

Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego and West Linn should team up

To the Editor:

Your editorial on the value of play (in the July 3 Lake Oswego Review) was right on!

I was trained and taught in the area of physical education, and, since retirement, I have been an active participant and volunteer in the tennis world. I have seen and experienced the benefits of sports participation, especially tennis, which is truly a lifelong sport! Lake Oswego's indoor tennis facility is not adequate for a tennis community such as Lake Oswego!

Your reference to the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation facility (the Howard M. Terpenning Recreation Compex) is a good example. We have the space for such a facility at the Luscher Farm site, and, I wouldn't be surprised if West Linn would cooperate in a recreation district. We have already started developing facilities for other sports and activities at this location, and indoor tennis, swimming, gyms could easily be placed there.

Programs under the direction of professionals who have been trained as teachers of young people and adults are far superior to those run by volunteers. Believe me, I am in favor of volunteers, but too often they lack training in child development and the teaching of skills, and it is too easy for a person with ulterior motives to volunteer.

'Play Where You Live' is a great motto of the Lake Oswego Recreation Department, and recreation facilities are crucial to the livability of a community. A facility such as this would increase property values greatly!

I challenge the city of Lake Oswego to look into the possibility of establishing a recreation district with West Linn and work toward the further development of the wonderful gift of the Luscher Farm area.

Margaret Anderson

Lake Oswego

Furnace Street policy choice isn't hard

To the Editor:

Although it is within the Lake Oswego city limits and therefore subject to development, Furnace Street is bounded to the north and the south by undeveloped and redevelops, the city must ensure -as called for in statewide planning goal No. 5 - that such development preserves and protects not only the riparian corridors, but the scenic values presented both from the street and the river.

Low-density, single-family development is the only kind of development that is compatible with these natural and scenic values.

This is not a difficult policy choice for the city. In fact, it is the obvious one. Preserve the natural and scenic values for future generations.

Kay Vega

Lake Oswego

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