Couple who abused own children lead investigators to Rodger Lee Strampher

Tigard police have arrested a man they say traded child pornography online and may have planned to drug and sexually abuse a babysitter.

Police arrested Rodger Lee Strampher May 12 on child pornography charges.

According to investigators, police were led to Strampher from photos taken from a computer in a separate child porn case last year.

Earlier this month, Aloha's Lisa Ann Ford, 34, and her husband Michael Joseph Marceau, 42, were each convicted of 47 counts of sexual abuse, including having sex with Ford's 14-year-old disabled son and 6-year-old daughter and trading photos of the crimes online.

Investigators said that case led them to Strampher, who allegedly took photos of sex scenes involving a toddler and gave them to Marceau.

Some of the alleged photos date back as far as 2007, police said, and it appeared that the two men were developing a collection.

The photos were taken from an Apple iPhone, investigators said, which automatically records the time and exact coordinates each photo is taken.

That information led police to a home in Fairview where Strampher and his wife lived until last summer.

The Strampher's currently live in Tigard at the Rolling Hills apartment complex, 19355 S.W. 65th Ave.

Police also obtained Strampher's iPhone, which allegedly included email messages that indicated that Strampher and Marceau may have planned to hire and drug a young female babysitter and then sexually abuse her.

'That would be fun,' one email allegedly read, according to court documents, 'get the babysitter to pass out and we could all take advantage of her.'

Police say Strampher agreed to find the drugs to help knock out the babysitter.

'That would be hot ya we can look around and see what we can find,' one email from Stranpher allegedly read.

According to police Strampher and Marceau met via the online classified website Craigslist. Together they shared child porn photos and came up with the plan to hire the babysitter.

Other messages between Marceau and Strampher allegedly included references to scouting area shopping malls to find young victims.

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