Attack on men abhorrent

We have all heard and read about two individuals being attacked while walking on the Eastside of the Willamette River recently. The two individuals happened to be homosexual males. While I do not agree with or support this lifestyle, which is my right, I absolutely abhor anyone being attacked because of their choices in life.

No one has the right to physically attack anyone regardless of their race or whatever the situation is or the emotions involved.

We all have the right to our own choices in life and are solely responsible for those choices. No one, and I mean no one has the right to violate anyone by physical confrontations or violence. By these actions, the individuals initiating this attack have completely sent the wrong message and need to face the responsibility for their irresponsible actions. There are plenty of other options like dialog to name but one.

God hates sin, but loves the sinner. That's where salvation and grace comes into play. Grace is the unmerited love and favor of God toward mankind. We all have the opportunity to repent for our sins. We all suffer with that every day.

Louis H. Bowerman


Troutdale hypocrisy

In Southeast Troutdale sits a new subdivision of houses built on 7,000- and 8,000-square-foot lots. This is despite the fact that at the time the land was zoned R-10, which meant that dwellings must be built on lots of at least 10,000 square feet.

How could this have been approved? A few years ago, I sat inside of a packed council chambers filled with citizens urging the City Council to follow their own city zoning laws and to turn down the request of a developer to build higher density housing in an area zoned for low density housing. However, the council that night voted to disregard their own city zoning laws and build more houses than the zoning allowed. Current councilors Daoust, Ripma, and Thomas all voted in favor of disregarding their own zoning law.

Now these same individuals, led by Councilor Daoust, think they are qualified to judge what Mayor Jim Kight is doing on his own property with his 'accessory building.'

According to comments in The Outlook by Troutdale's community development director and senior planner, it seems that Mayor Kight has done everything he needed to do to be in compliance with the law, even though he may have pushed his plans right to the edge of what is acceptable. So I have to ask the council …Why are you giving Mayor Kight so much trouble when you built an entire neighborhood in violation of your own zoning laws?

Rob Hawks


Police crucial, not fighting global warming

In a move one might expect from liberal Portland, but seeming like a betrayal out of East County local government, the city of Gresham has been singing the lack-of-needed-revenue blues as it announces plans to cut 10 police positions all the while spending city resources on carbon reduction goals for the global good.

I believe the needs of our city, which is a miniscule component of the entire Earth, should come before or better yet instead of goals for the global climate.

Evidently, all departments are to act on the citywide goals 'to provide a sustainable quality of life for the citizens of Gresham … to help reduce greenhouse gases which contribute to global warming.' (Development Code Improvement Project -5: Renewable Energy) They include 'transitioning to 10 (percent) renewable energy by 2030' and reducing the city's greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2030.' (Gresham Newsletter, Spring 2011).

These goals are expensive and unnecessary. Why should global carbon emissions come before the prosperity of Gresham? Yet, this is where our city is putting its resources.

City resources are being put toward a renewable energy policy, a food policy (which includes bike lanes) and an urban forestry project. The city is putting tracking and reducing carbon dioxide as more important than the essential services like police. There is a Finance Committee meeting at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 1, in the Springwater Trail Room. It has time on the agenda for public comment.

Roxanne Ross


Mayor, planner have set new precedent

I want to address the trouble of our Troutdale mayor. I would like to ask the question of both the mayor, and Rich Faith who defends him, now that Jim Kight has set a precedent, what are they going to say when I submit my plans for the exact same building on my place?

Jean Hybskmann


Troutdale mayor took action for residents

Finally a mayor of Troutdale who gets things done.

For years I tried to get the city administration to clean up the greenway at Stuart Ridge Estates. It was becoming a haven for illicit behavior.

Within a few weeks of becoming mayor, Jim Kight had it cleaned up. Unlike other administrators I have communicated with, he listens and takes action for Troutdale residents. I also want to thank Mayor Jim Kight for his military service to our country.

Willie Paradise


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