It has been proven many times that some people are not predictable. So when a familiar customer came into a Sandy convenience store Thursday morning, May 19, the store cashier was surprised when he heard the man's voice.

Brusque and demanding.

'Give me Copenhagen snuff,' he said with authority as the cashier walked past the man.

'Don't bark orders at me,' the cashier replied.

'You have 30 seconds to get your ass behind the counter,' the man said quickly while the cashier's back was turned.

'Or what?' the cashier said, just as he heard the unmistakable sound of a knife opening to its longest blade.

'This,' (knife) the man said.

The cashier turned to look directly in the man's eyes.

'Is that supposed to scare me?'

'It should,' the man replied impatiently. 'Just give me my snuff, and I'll go.'

Closing the knife and placing it in his pocket, he paid for the tobacco in cash and left the store.

The cashier didn't call police for about 20 minutes. He told an officer later he had to assist other customers, but when police asked him how he felt when the man pulled a knife, he said he was scared and thought the man would stab him or kill him.

He described the wannabe robber as about 5-feet-9-inches tall, dark complexion, brown hair and a goatee. And the driver of the getaway vehicle - a white Chevrolet Blazer - was female.

The store employee told police the man, a regular customer, was acting differently May 19 than other days.

On that day, he was described as having dark, bloodshot eyes and a 'hollow' look in his eyes. He also appeared 'very fidgety.'

The storeowner showed police a surveillance video, and the officer confirmed all the cashier had said about the incident.

Questioned again, the cashier was asked if he felt the man was joking when he pulled the knife.

The cashier seemed very offended by that question, the officer wrote in his report.

The cashier repeated his statement, he feared for his life when he saw the knife blade.

The case is being investigated, and police are planning to contact the suspect. After questioning, police could charge him with attempted second-degree robbery and menacing.

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