Hoffman will maintain the livability of the city

To the Editor:

A major choice soon facing voters in the November election in Lake Oswego is how we want our community to proceed.

A cornerstone of this city is its livability. As a veteran of the city council (1998 to 2006) Jack Hoffman has dedicated himself tirelessly in the pursuit of a better livability for all of us. You can view a list of his many involvements and accomplishments in this regard by going to his Web site . Jack stands out as the only mayoral candidate having the experience and familiarity necessary to maintain Lake Oswego's superior livability qualities.

Your choices are Jack's experience vs. other candidates seeking to dismantle and change our livability. If your choice is to maintain, preserve and advance this livability, I urge you to vote for Jack.

Martha Reisdorf

Lake Oswego

Jones offers a change for the city council

To the Editor:

Why I will be voting for Russell Jones for Lake Oswego City Council:

I have lived in Lake Oswego for a total of 33 years. For the last 6 to 8 years I have been unhappy with the way our city council and mayor have been running the city. Then two years ago amid the known problems with the sewer system, the capacity issues with the water supply, and after a city-paid citizen survey indicated only 'lukewarm' public support for the community center project, they went and bought the Safeco building.

I knew then that it was time for changes at city hall. I have known Russell Jones for about four years. During that time I have found him to be knowledgeable about the city and its workings.

I was encouraged when I heard he would be running for city council this fall. I believe Russ would help restore my faith in the city being governed in a more fiscally responsible way. Please visit his blog site or contact Russ to find out more about him and his vision for the city .

Please vote for Russell Jones this November for city council.

Kevin Poling

Lake Oswego

Take note of how Hooley voted on Monday's bailout

To the Editor:

Our representative in Congress, Darlene Hooley, was the only Democrat in the Oregon delegation that voted yes on the Bush Bailout Plan. Guess what?

She's not running for re-election and obviously is not worried about backlash from Fifth District taxpayers, the majority of whom join most of the rest of the country in opposing that ripoff. Remember this when she again seeks some public office.

Rick Newton

Lake Grove

The humanitarian side noted about Bill Tierney

To the Editor:

There are many excellent reasons to vote for Bill Tierney for Lake Oswego City Council. These include his business and government experience, his commitment to prudent fiscal management and his commitment to Lake Oswego. I want to introduce another good reason - Bill's humanitarian side.

Several months ago Bill and I served on a Medical Teams International work team helping families at the Tultitlan dump in Mexico City. The landfill is one of Mexico City's largest, and the families scavenge there to earn a mealocated in the midst of the dump. For those of us lucky enough to live in Oregon it is hard to imagine a community like this, but it is real. Our task was to work with community leaders to build concrete floors so the fathers, mothers and children can live in a more hygienic environment than on dirt.

Nine of us participated. We all paid our own expenses and managed to put down 15 floors over that week. We developed into a good working team and at the end of every long day could look back at our work with pride. But most importantly, we thought of the families we helped and believed we had made their lives a little better.

I think this says something good about Bill and wanted to share it with you.

Steve Stadum


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