Those affected would be semis and their trailers and unregistered or junk vehicles
by: Jim Hart This truck, unloading items for a nearby business, would not be violating a city ordinance the Sandy City Council is considering for its final reading at the June 6 council meeting. Instead, violators would be those large trucks parked for more than two hours on a city street such as Industrial Way behind Fred Meyer.

The city of Sandy, mainly its police and public works departments, wants to crack down on several forms of parking and make them illegal.

An ordinance proposing the crackdown was brought to the City Council at its last meeting. The proposed parking regulations, however, would be complaint-driven and enforced by police, said Public Works Director Mike Walker.

Semis block roadways

The complaints that brought this item to the council table were based mainly on the problems drivers experienced on Industrial Way (behind Fred Meyer) when from two to eight semis with trailers have been parked on both sides of the street, severely limiting other drivers' ability to pass through.

The trucks also were parked too close to driveways off that street, causing some businesses difficulties getting their trucks onto their property.

But before the council would approve it on its first reading last month, Councilor Phil Moyer asked Walker to contact those who would be most affected and notify them of their final chance to talk with the council June 6.

Speaking for the businesses near the Sandy Cinema, Hollis MacLean-Wenzel, Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce executive director, told the council those parked trucks and trailers make it more unwelcoming and difficult for customers to access the Champion Way businesses.

But all parking of semis or their trailers is not being eliminated, Walker said, and enforcement is complaint-driven.

'It is important to note,' he told the council, 'that the ordinance still allows parking for up to two hours for the purpose of loading and unloading at adjacent businesses during work hours.

'Also there are provisions in the ordinance for the city to issue temporary permits for parking of unattached semi-trailers.'

Junk, unregistered vehicles prohibited

Junk cars and parked vehicles not properly licensed/registered are also a parking problem on some city streets.

Police Chief Kim Yamashita told the council there is no way to enforce a rule against parked cars that are not allowed to be driven on public roads.

The proposed change to the prohibited parking standards would affect junk vehicles as well as vehicles that are unregistered or which have an expired registration.

She complained to the council that the current ordinance causes what she called a 'vehicle shell game,' when a vehicle is tagged to be moved and its owner moves it a few feet to avoid it being towed - requiring police to tag it again.

A complete version of the proposed changes to ordinance 2011-07 is available on the city of Sandy website, Click on 'About the City,' then move to 'Agendas and Minutes,' then click on the May 16 council meeting to find a link to the ordinance.

For information, call Walker at 503-489-2162 or Yamashita at 503-668-5566.

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