According to the Mountain Park Recreation Center's proposed renovation floor plan, there are four water closets, i.e. toilets, (one of which is handicap size) on the fitness level and there are four water closets on the social and community level of the center for a total of eight water closets for women. I am not counting the one unisex bathroom on the social and community level or the proposed family changing room on the fitness level.

Table 29-A - 'Minimum Plumbing Fixtures' in Section 2902 of chapter 29 of the 2007 Oregon Structural Specialty Code can be found at the Web site: .

In that table, the number of water closets (toilets) per female occupant is 6 for 301 to 400 females. If the number of female occupants is over 400, one fixture is added for each additional 150 females. Thus eight water closets for females equates to a building occupancy total of 700 females.

In Table 29-A, the minimum number water closets for 301 to 400 males should be 6. Over 400 males, there should be an additional water closet for each additional 200 males. Using the same number of males (700) as females calculated above, there should be a minimum of 7.5 water closets for males. Seeing as one cannot have half a water closet, the number should be rounded up to a minimum of 8 water closets for men.

If urinals are provided for men, one water closet less than the minimum number may be allowed for each installed urinal. But the number of water closets in such cases cannot be reduced to less than half of the minimum number of required water closets. So there has to be at least a total 4 water closets for men.

However, the total number of water closets for males in the recreation center floor plan is 1 water closet and three urinals on the fitness level, plus two water closets and two urinals on the social and community level for a total of 3 water closets and 5 urinals. That is less than the minimum of 4 water closets calculated above.

Having one water closet on the fitness level for men is not adequate for the number of men that work out. And the current water closet in the fitness level men's bathroom has no door but just a curtain that is not large enough to fully close the opening, let alone prevent some person from opening the curtain while the toilet is occupied.

Based upon the numbers of men working out on the fitness level, there should be a bare minimum of two water closets in the fitness level men's bathroom, both of which should have doors. At least one of which should be handicap sized.

In addition, while the women's shower area has four separate shower stalls, each with a privacy curtain; the men's shower area is half the size and is a communal shower facility. I am not bashful, but there must be some men with handicaps, injuries, medical problems, etc. who would appreciate the same degree of privacy afforded to women.

Ken G. Sutton is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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