A two-year research study headed by Gloria A. Gonowicz of the Department of Surgery at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington, N.J., credits certain forms of alternative energy medicine with the successful stimulation and growth of normal human cell cultures.

Energy medicine includes such biofield therapies as Reiki, quigong and Therapeutic Touch (TT), Craniosacral Technique (CST). The study focused on TT, which was credited with directly impacting how human cells respond to external stimulation.

The study was published as 'Therapeutic Touch Stimulates the Proliferation of Human Cells in Culture,' Gloria A. Gronowicz, Ankur Jhaveri, Libbe W. Clarke, Michael S. Aronow, Theresa H. Smith, 'The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine,' Vol. 14, No. 3, 2008.

The researchers' findings suggest that external stimulation with TT may also be effective in decreasing abnormal cell growth in cancer patients.

In this particular study, three different cell cultures - fibroblasts (derived from neonatal foreskin obtained during circumcision), tendon cells (derived from human hamstring discarded during orthopedic procedures) and bone cells (obtained from healthy bone chips) - were grown and isolated.

All cultures were obtained from different patients. In addition, each of the three cell types that were simultaneously subjected to the various tests all came from different patients. The cultures were subjected twice a week, over a period of two weeks, to the healing hands of three experienced TT practitioners. TT was performed by sweeping hand motions at least 4-10 inches above the plate without ever touching the specimen itself, for a period of 10 minutes, twice a week. The hand motions direct positive intentions through the hands.

Control groups of the cultures also underwent sham treatments -random hand motions without any thoughts or intentions, or they received no stimulation at all. Each experiment was repeated three times at a minimum.

All cultures were assessed at the same time. The results were obtained by statistical analysis. TT caused a measurable change in all three cell cultures. Osteoblasts (bone cells) showed a significant increase in cell growth, compared to the untreated cells; a slightly smaller increase was seen in fibroblasts (cultures from neonatal foreskin). The largest increase in cell growth compared to the control group occurred in tenoctytes (cells derived from hamstring tendon).

This study illustrates that human touch has the capacity to affect cell growth and thereby has real healing potential. More studies are needed, but the current findings give hope to many patients who suffer from abnormal cell growth, in particular cancer patients. Energy medicine treatments, such as TT, Reiki, and Craniosacral Technique promise significant benefits for our bodies.

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