Old hands and talented newcomers lead the way
by: John Brewington HEAT LEADER—Adam Beehler of St. Helens leads brother Brad during a heat race at River City Speedway Saturday evening. Brad would win the main event. Racing got under way at the track Saturday, after two previous attempts to start the season were rained out.

The wet weather has affect all outside sports this spring and it was no different at the River City Speedway where racing finally resumed after nearly eight months off the track.

Wet weather postponed the first two races, but the temperature hit 80+ degrees Saturday and nearly 100 racers turned out to kick off the 25th anniversary of the track.

There were a lot of veterans resuming places at the top of their divisions and some precocious newcomers jumping into the fray.

Four-time track champ Curt Nusom of Gresham won the premier Sportsman Division main event, plus a heat race. Nusom passed Chris West of Vancouver on the sixth lap and led the remaining 15 laps for the win.

'I had fun, but I'm not going to race here full time,' he said. 'Every driver wants to win and that's why I come out here to compete. I just try to stay calm and relaxed and not worry too much about where I finish, but that's hard to do.'

Brad Martin, 15, turned in amazing day for a racer of any age. The youngest driver outside the teenage Tracer division, Martin won the Street Stock Division main event, and took third in a heat. It was his first competition in the adult divisions. He also won a Dwarf Car heat and took second in their main event. His father, Jeremy is a three-time track champion. The older Martin recorded the fastest time of the day in the Modified Division, and was fourth in the main event.

'I'm just so surprised that I was able to win a street stock main, especially since it's the first time I ever entered a race in this class,' said Martin, who has also won championships in quads, quarter midgets and the student division. 'I still can't believe it and it's really a huge accomplishment.'

It was another family affair, as usual, in the 4-cylinder Mini-Stock Division. The Beehler family dominated the races with fast time (Joel Beehler), 1-2 in Heat 3 (Adam and Brad Beehler), and 1-2-3 in the main event (Brad, Adam, Joel).

Brad Beehler passed Portland's John Adams to get the lead on lap seven in the 18-car mini stock main. He was followed closely by his brother Adam in second and his nephew, Joel, in third for the remainder of the 15-lap event. Brad's and Adam were side-by-side at the end in a thrilling photo finish. Joel Beehler was third, followed by St. Helens drivers Travis Tolman and Tim Oyler.

In other racing: Tiffany Gee of Scappoose recorded her first main event win in the Women's Division; Doug Davenport of Vernonia won the Modified Division main; Ryan Martinez of Portland won the Dwarf Car main; Dave Walters of Portland won the Pacific Mini Sprints main; and Cody Smith of Scappoose had the fastest time, and won the heat and main event in the Tracer Division.

Racing will resume at the Speedway on Saturday, June 18 with a Pacific Stainless Steel-sponsored event.

River City Speedway

June 4 Official Results

Sportsman Division

Fast Time: Bud Russell, St. Helens 14.91. Trophy Dash: Clark Tenney, Scappoose. Heat 1: Matt Taylor, St. Helens; Devon Reed, Woodland, Susan Nelson, Portland. Heat 2: Celeste Hardesty, St. Helens, Aaron Elwess, Portland, Sean Fox, Rainier. Heat 3: Curt Nusom, Gresham, Russell, Tenney. Main: Nusom, Chris West, Vancouver, Tenney, Fox, Dan Smith, Scappoose, James Simeroth, Portland, Hardesty, Lisa Liner, St. Helens, Kris Jones, Portland, Jesse Allen, Portland.

Modified Division

Fast Time: Jeremy Martin, St. Helens 14.98. Trophy Dash: Shawn Dorie, St. Helens. Heat 1: Dan Fox, Warren, Curtis Zelmer, Portland, Mark Hill, Scappoose. Heat 2: Greg Greer, Rainier, Don Jenner, Vancouver, Dorie. Main: Doug Davenport, Vernonia, Don Jenner, Robert Jenner, Vancouver, Martin, Greer, Tenney, Fox, Mike Harrison, St. Helens, Sam Jeffers, St. Helens, Zelmer.

Street Stock Division

Fast Time: Rick Rehanek, Vancouver 16.49. Trophy Dash: John Nusom, Gresham. Heat 1: R.T. Cutler, Portland, Derik Beehler, St. Helens, Gerardo Caballero, Portland. Heat 2: Steffen Strawn, Deer Island, Mike Crase, Portland, Zelmer. Heat 3: John Haugenson, St. Helens, Todd Newton, Portland, Brad Martin, St. Helens. B Main: Strawn, Crase, Ken Bryan, Toledo, Zelmer, Cutler. Main: Martin, Nusom, Haugenson, Caballero, Rehanek, Matt Jenner, Newton, Bryan, Cutler, Crase.

Mini Stock Division

Fast Time: Joel Beehler, St. Helens 16.93. Trophy Dash: Travis Tolman, St. Helens. Heat 1: Jerry Wright, Portland, Kyle Frelich, St. Helens, Danny Wallin, Portland. Heat 2: Jason Scheibel, Longview, Charles Ingram, Portland, John Adams, Portland. Heat 3: Adam Beehler, St. Helens, Brad Beehler, Tolman. Main: Brad Beehler, Adam Beehler, Joel Beehler, Tolman, Tim Oyler, St. Helens, Ingram, Adams, Scheibel, James Young, Portland, Frelich.

Dwarf Cars

Fast Time: Clay Goben, Oregon City 15.31. Trophy Dash: Joe Eaton, St. Helens. Heat 1: Brad Martin, Ryan Martinez, Portland, Leo Machler, Portland. Heat 2: Jack Mires, Washougal, Brad Hicks, Portland, Eaton. Main: Martinez, Martin, Goben, Brian Hicks, Portland, Mires, Machler, Mike Harrison, Brad Hicks.

Tracer Division

Fast Time: Cody Smith, Scappoose 17.15. Trophy Dash: Smith. Heat: Smith, Jonathan West, St. Helens, BaLeigh O'Connor, St. Helens.

Pacific Mini Sprints

Fast Time: Dave Walters, Portland 14.75. Trophy Dash: Walters. Heat: Keith Everson, Marysville, Walters, Jesse Shannon, Centralia. Main: Walters, Greg Lane, Portland, Everson, Shannon, Derek Schoessler, Portland.

Women' s Division

Fast Time: Jenae Frelich, St. Helens 16.79. Trophy Dash: Kathy McMullen, Deer Island. Heat: Lindsay Paulsen, Portland, Tiffany Gee, Scappoose, Morgan Tenney, Scappoose. Main: Gee, McMullen, Frelich, Paulsen, Tenney, Victoria West, St. Helens.

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