Allied Waste plans to pick up two weeks worth of trash next week

Weather limits trash collection

Due to dangerous road conditions, Allied Waste has limited trash collection in Lake Oswego this week to areas that are well traveled and ice-free.

If your trash was not picked up on your scheduled trash day, Allied Waste will pick up two-weeks worth and your recycling on next week's scheduled day, weather permitting.

'We arrive every morning at 3 a.m. to determine whether or not our trucks can go out,' said Bob Sjolander, Allied Waste operations manager. 'We are very concerned about the safety in our neighborhoods. There are a lot of people walking on the streets, and kids out sledding. Even with chains, our trucks struggle in the Lake Oswego terrain. If you've ever seen a heavy truck slide through a house or go through five or six cars, you never forget it.'

How will you know when to put the trash out? A general rule of thumb is that if the school buses aren't running, then the Allied Waste trucks aren't running either. Double check by calling Allied Waste at 503-636-3011.

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