Player of the Year

Taylor Copher, Sandy

Pitcher of the Year

Breann Morrison, Putnam

Coaches of the Year

Tiffany Strnad, Putnam

Nolan Meeuwsen, Liberty

First Team

PUTNAM - Senior Megan Malvick (infield) and junior Breann Morrison (pitcher).

MILWAUKIE - Junior Kaitlin Taylor (utility).

WILSONVILLE - Junior Nicole Gearhart (outfield).

SANDY - Senior Rebekah Degner (catcher); juniors Megan Sherman (outfield), Cheyenne Baker (DH) and Taylor Copher (infield); and sophomore Chelsea Spanier (infield).

LIBERTY - Seniors Heather Meeuwsen (outfield), Jessica Haas (infield) and Katie Oglesby (pitcher); junior Stephanie Meeuwsen (infield); and sophomore Alex Flores (catcher).

ST. HELENS - Junior Myranda Hamilton (outfield).

SHERWOOD - Senior Michelle Oenning (pitcher).

Second Team

PUTNAM - Seniors Jill Smith (outfield) and Kirsten Ankeny (infield), and junior Missy Bottinelli (pitcher).

WILSONVILLE - Junior Josie Walter (infield), and sophomores Brynn Lio (pitcher), Katie Conroy (infield) and Rebecca Ollison (catcher).

LIBERTY - Junior Hannah Herbert (DH) and sophomore Karolyn Mason (outfield).

ST. HELENS - Senior Courtney Buerke (utility), junior Payton Albertson (pitcher) and freshman Karli Edwards (infield).

SHERWOOD - Senior Amy Hagan (outfield); juniors Krista Panian (outfield), Jordyn Funk (infield) and Raegan Musselman (catcher); and freshman Shelby Ratcliffe (infield).

Honorable Mention

PUTNAM - Junior Emily Lauder (infield) and freshman Taylor Balfour (infield).

MILWAUKIE - Senior Beka Strom (infield) and sophomore Nicole Bugliari (pitcher).

SANDY - Senior Chelesea Green (infield), sophomore Meghan Luebbert (outfield) and freshman Rachel Rutledge (infield).

WILSONVILLE - Sophomore Kayleah Starr (infield) and freshman Sarah Harms (pitcher).

LIBERTY - Junior Kaleigh Hall (infield).

ST. HELENS - Junior Kayla Beeler (outfield) and sophomore Brooke Cathers (outfield).

SHERWOOD - Senior Debin Lingle (outfield) and junior Andrea Lopez (infield).

PARKROSE - Senior Vanessa Ruelas (outfield).

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