No one injured in downtown accident

Mayor Sam Adams was driving a city-owned car Wednesday afternoon when it was struck by a woman riding a bicycle near City Hall.

According to a statement released by the mayor's office, shortly before 1 p.m., Adams was driving a Prius to an event at Lincoln High School with his Public Safety and Peacekeeping Director, Antoinette Edward.

According to the statement, Adams was driving eastbound on Southwest Columbia Street, and intended to turn left onto Fourth Avenue. He had a green light but stopped for a female pedestrian, who was jogging across Fourth Avenue, westbound.

While stopped and waiting for the pedestrian to finish crossing, Adams heard and felt something bump into the back right side of the vehicle, the statement continues. He turned on the hazard lights and got out of his vehicle.

According to the statement, Adams found a woman and her bicycle on the ground behind his vehicle. He helped her to the sidewalk, while another man, also riding a bicycle, stopped and moved the woman's bicycle to the sidewalk.

Adams asked the woman if she was injured or needed medical attention. She declined medical attention. Adams and the woman exchanged contact information, and he also handed out his card to the female pedestrian and the man on a bike, asking them to contact his office with their contact information, the statement says.

Adams has given his account, and the other parties' contact info, to the city attorney, who has in turn provided it to the city's Risk Management Department for follow-up. The department operates the city's insurance coverage. It will contact all parties involved as part of a routine investigation of any collision involving a publicly owned vehicle.

The Oregonian identified the bicyclist as Tasia Bernie.

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