New Bank of America policy on credit cards criticized

To the Editor:

Bank of America recently announced that it will provide credit cards to people who do not have Social Security numbers.

And who might such a group include? At best, illegal aliens - and worst terrorists. In the first case, Bank of America is assisting criminals here in our country fraudulently. In the second case ... well, you figure out what a terrorist might buy with his new Bank of America credit card.

I did business with Bank of America for more than 30 years (including 15 years here in Lake Oswego). That ends now! I obviously do not fit the category of client they now wish to serve, and do not wish to do business with a company with such reprehensible practices.

David Luck

Lake Oswego

Thanks for supporting Girl Scouts cookie sale

To the Editor:

A big thank you to our community for supporting Girl Scouts through the purchase of Girl Scout cookies.

This annual event is a very important part of the Girl Scout experience. It enables girls to set goals and earn the funds necessary to achieve those goals. Girl Scouts is a value-based organization, run by volunteers, that works to build girls who have confidence, courage, and character.

In our community there are more than 50 troops that serve more than 500 girls. That is a huge percentage of the youth in Lake Oswego and Dunthorpe. If you have a daughter in our community, chances are very good that she is either in Girl Scouts or friends with girls who are.

We are excited this year that the cookies being sold all contain zero grams of trans fats. That is every single cookie and every single flavor: Even those famous Thin Mints.. There is also a sugar-free Brownie Bite. So when you purchase cookies, you can have a little less guilt and also know that you are taking a big step towards supporting this very worthwhile youth organization. Last year's cookie sale enabled girls to attend camps, help homeless people, build Lego Robots and have life-learning experiences that will help them to become strong citizens in our community.

Besides being made with zero grams of trans fats, something else to know about this year is the Gift of Sharing program. Girl Scouts, in partnership with Loaves and Fishes, is donating boxes of cookies to be used in the Meals-on-wheels program. So you can purchase a box of cookies to support Girl Scouts and ask the girls to donate the box of cookies to the Gift of Sharing program. The Girl Scouts will see to it that your donation is given to Meals on Wheels to benefit senior citizens who are experiencing hunger or social isolation.

Thank you to the many businesses that allow cookies to be sold on their premises and to the many people who purchase cookies. Thank you for supporting Girl Scouts!

Dianne Gregoire

Neighborhood Chair of Lake Oswego/Dunthorpe Girl Scouts

Lake Oswego

'Safeco should be sold' by the city of Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

R A Fontes is right (in his Feb. 8 letter to the editor in the Lake Oswego Review) in suggesting that city officials will not let adverse election results deter them from building us a community center we do not want.

They paid scant attention to a decade of scientific citizen surveys and then lied to us about the extent of public support. They stacked a steering committee with supporters because, as Judie Hammerstad said, 'It's unlikely you'd appoint anyone who doesn't share council's Vision.' (April 3, 2006, council special meeting).

They have discouraged dissenting opinion at public meetings and expunged any trace of it from the public record of these meetings because citizen concerns were not on the official agenda. There is never going to be room on the official agenda for dissenting opinion. There are no plans for free and open discussion regarding a community center. City officials don't want your opinion; they want your consent, even if they have to manufacture it themselves with your open checkbook.

You will never be asked to approve a community center. You will only be asked to approve a funding mechanism for it. When the bond measure fails, an alternative funding mechanism will be identified and the plan will continue, regardless of public opinion. Safeco should be sold because our elected officials acted in defiance of the public will when they purchased the property without voter approval, and they will continue to act in defiance of the public will rather than admit their mistakes.

Jacqueline Heydenrych

Lake Oswego

Enough of all the private agenda items in the city

To the Editor:

The following is an open letter to the Lake Oswego City Council:

I listened to a copy of the audio CD of the Feb. 6th Lake Oswego City Council meeting and have the following response:

In the morning council meeting of Feb. 6th the council spent so much time discussing moving the Parks and Recreation Deptartment to the Safeco Building that they had to put off discussing the water problems we are experiencing until March.

This mayor and council continue to chase their obsession with the Safeco building and their Community Center vanity project at the expense of working on the needed infrastructure repairs in our city.

First they delayed addressing the sewer problems until DEQ forced them to come up with a plan and begin repairs. Now they appear willing to delay addressing needed repairs and modernization of our water supply system (with an estimated cost of $73 million according to the Review of Feb. 8th ) while throwing vast resources (human and economic) at their Safeco purchase, which has yet to be approved and funded by the voters. If you missed the article in the Review, Lake Oswego could run out of water as early as 2009!

How can we citizens make our council take action on what is really important in our city? Enough of the mayor's and city council members' private agenda. Sell the Safeco property and get back to taking care of the city's infrastructure needs.

Kevin Poling

Lake Oswego

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