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Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the season of Lent.

Today is George Washington's birthday, for those like me who celebrate the presidents individually and not lump them into one day . . . This way I can have my cherry pie and log roll and eat them too.

Desserts are big on my menus. This probably comes from childhood when my folks seldom even had a spare nickel for a Popsicle, and when they did, I had to divide it into three pieces and share with them. The lady who owned the ice cream store below our apartment used to give me an ice cream cone for my dog, knowing I would eat part of it. She stood in her window watching us as we sat on the curb enjoying our treat.

She is one of the reasons why I always shop at locally-owned stores in place of the big-box retailers. Mom and Pop businesses deserve our support.

Saturday, March 17 is St. Patrick's Day, and Easter falls on the second Sunday in April this year. If you need instructions on making the sugar eggs with a scene inside, please call me. I make these for Easter and for Christmas as gifts for friends and family. They are meant for decoration, not eating.

I made them for the children of a dear friend many years ago and the daughter decided to eat both of them. They are both professionals now and I made another one for the son and his wife.

Remember to add a printed warning that any water will cause them to turn into a glob of sticky sugar. One friend's aunt decided to wipe the dust off of hers with a damp cloth.

Please use a soft-bristle brush. Boxes to keep your creations safe are available at the Decorette Shop, along with figurines, trees and flowers just the right size. I color piping gel blue and use it for lakes for the tiny duck to swim in.

Model train buffs may enjoy the miniature landscape items, too.

Last Minute Washington Dessert

1 quart vanilla ice


1 can cherry pie filling

Aerosol whipped cream

Crushed Oreo cookies

Sprinkle crushed cookies in a stemmed glass or a custard cup. Top with a scoop of ice cream and a spoonful of pie filling. At serving time, add a spritz of whipped cream.

Best made at the end of the meal- the ice cream will melt in the refrigerator, and if you try to freeze the whole thing, the cherries become solid.

If time and dishes are an issue, layer the entire thing in a cake pan, freeze and cut into serving pieces.

Add the whipped cream at serving time.

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