History taught to us often inaccurate

I always love it when people complain about how kids today aren't being taught the same, as when they were in school, as Ms. Sharpf did with her soapbox comment, 'schools aren't teaching the same history of the founding of our country.' (The Times, Feb. 8, 'It's time to restore our moral foundation') The reason for that is that that teaching wasn't very good.

As one who was taught the same history as Ms. Sharpf and then went on to get a degree in history, I learned that the history I was taught in school was fraught with inaccuracies. As one who actually read what the founding fathers wrote to each other I learned that they were extremely concerned with religion and that they were for the most part deists who, if they were alive today, would not like how the right-wing Christian fringe wants to turn this country into a theocracy.

Evil, as with beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, and I don't think I could talk George Bush out of his reckless, illegal and immoral policies in the Middle East either.



In traffic planning look at big picture

Traffic congestion on Highway 99 is not only inconvenient, but also unsafe. Tigard's gas tax to fund road improvements is being touted as a step in the right direction, but is no more than a Band-Aid on a leaking dam.

The city's plan for our tax money is to ease congestion, but at the same time they are encouraging new developments that would add thousands more cars to Highway 99.

The area bound by Highway 99, I-5 and Highway 217 is known as the Tigard Triangle and is currently zoned by the city of Tigard for 'large retail' use. These big-box stores generate thousands of trips per day, and there are currently more than 50 acres still waiting to be developed. What would the proposed Wal-Mart Supercenter do for traffic on Highway 99?

The Tigard Comprehensive Plan is currently being updated, including the zoning map. The City Council should use this opportunity to rezone land around Highway 99 to limit the amount of 'super-traffic' that can be added to this already congested area.

Tigard residents should encourage their elected leaders to look at the big picture of traffic planning and get serious about fixing the problem. Otherwise the increased taxes will just go to waste.



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