TUALATIN - Tualatin police have cited a Tualatin resident after the two dogs she was supposed to be watching ran lose in a neighborhood and 'destroyed a cat.'

Julie McCluskey, 32, of Tualatin, was cited on two counts each of failing to prevent a dog running at large, failing to prevent acts of nuisance by a dog and keeping or owning a vicious dog.

Around 12:36 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 14, Tualatin police responded to a report of two large dogs destroying a cat in the 22000 block of Southwest Pinto Drive. An officer located the dogs, which were still with the deceased cat. As the dogs began to move and run around the neighborhood, officers began a 'rolling containment.' According to police, officers did not try to approach the dogs for fear of creating a more hazardous situation that might have caused officers to use force against the animals.

Washington County Animal Control responded to the scene after about 45 minutes. The owner of one of the dogs came to the scene and was able to collect both dogs.

McCluskey was cited for both animals, according to police, because she was the person in charge of watching the dogs, and she failed to exercise proper and adequate supervision as the dogs' keeper.

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