Spring Break!

With the spring sun comes Spring Break, and the library is the place to go for help with your plans for this exhilarating week. Whether you are staying in town or hitting the road, the following books may help you survive--and enjoy!--your fun with the family.

For those whose Spring Break travels will take place within the greater metro area, here are a few resources that offer big ideas with less mileage (including some options for evening activities for parents who will be working during the week).

'Out and About with Kids, Portland: The Ultimate Family Guide for Fun and Learning' by Nelle Nix.

Candid and comprehensive, this book is filled with recommendations for a variety of ages and parent-tested tips to make your outings a success.

'Day Tripping' by Teri J. Brown.

A general manual to family or group field trips, this book includes innovative ideas for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

'Family Fun Nights: 140 Activities the Whole Family Will Enjoy' by Lisa Bany-Winters.

The 26 themed family events and 140 related activities go beyond game night and movie night by creating family traditions that kids will remember and look forward to repeating. This book is chock full of activity ideas that require little or no preparation and use materials that are easily found around the house.

For those still in the planning stages of their vacation, the library has books full of grand ideas, specific itineraries and helpful logistical tips.

'The Travel Mom's Ultimate Book of Family Travel: Planning, Surviving, and Enjoying Your Vacation Together' by Emily Kaufman.

This is a practical manual that provides ideas for some of the most popular options in family travel while it tackles the sticky realities of family vacations, such as a rainy day, a missed flight, or a scary look at the travel budget.

'Camping with Kids' by Goldie Gendler Silverman.

This step-by-step guide takes the intimidation factor out of camping with kids, providing everything you need to know to get out the door: how to prepare, where to go, what to pack, what to do in camp and how to handle things that go awry.

'Exotic Travel Destinations for Families' by Jennifer M. Nichols and Bill Nichols.

For parents who are ready for more adventurous travel, this is your passport to exhilarating family travel to 24 exciting locations in regions around the world: Europe, Africa, Asia, Central America, South America, and islands ranging from French Polynesia to Iceland.

And for the armchair travelers among us, the following accounts will leave you refreshed and inspired, without even requiring updated immunizations.

'One Year Off: Leaving It All Behind for a Round-the-World Journey with Our Children' by David Elliot Cohen.

Like Peter Mayle gone global, bestselling author David E. Cohen shares this rollicking and true tale of his family's year-long odyssey through 14 countries on five continents.

'The Year I Didn't Go to School' by Giselle Potter.

Children's author Giselle Potter relates the quirky, illustrated account of her experiences when--at the age of seven--she toured Italy with her family's tiny theater company, 'The Mystic Paper Beasts'. Appropriate for grades K-3.

'Off We Go to Mexico: An Adventure in the Sun' by Laurie Krebs and Christopher Corr.

This bright and lively picture book will be enjoyed by preschoolers and early elementary students. It follows a family as they swim in the ocean, traverse canyons, climb pyramids, and celebrate Independence Day.

Bon voyage and happy reading!

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