The School Board will discuss the positions in ongoing budget talks

The Sherwood School District is hoping to add administrative assistants to help principals at the district's three elementary schools and a campus monitor to the high school, items that will be discussed as part of the upcoming budget process.

At the Feb. 14 School Board meeting, Superintendent Dan Jamison said he wants to see administrative assistants added to Middleton, Archer Glen and Hopkins elementary schools to help out with increasing student populations until the district builds a new elementary and middle school.

"The average elementary administrator-to-pupil ratio is about 1-to-350 and in this district; we're 1-to-700," said Jamison.

Those assistants would deal with such issues as supervision, discipline, attendance and safety.

Jamison said the assistants probably would be certified teachers on special assignment and most likely could be selected from teachers who are interested in obtaining their administrative licenses. The positions would remain in place until the new schools open and student populations are reduced, said Jamison.

The district is looking at adding a campus monitor at Sherwood High School in order to deal with such duties as attendance, tardy students and lower level behavioral infractions. That person would be in addition to the school resource officer, said Jamison.

Jamison said he doesn't see a campus monitor as someone who's there only to enforce rules, rather an individual who's there to get to know and help students.

Other budget priorities include insuring class teacher-to-student ratios of 1:24 for kindergartners, 1:26 for first- through third-graders and 1:28 for fourth- and fifth-graders.

Tech services to move

• The district plans to tear down the old McNeil House, an older home next to the high school, which now houses the district's technology services. That space will be used for parking and improved access to Sherwood High School once it is remodeled and expanded.

Jamison said the district has been offered temporary space at Sherwood City Hall to house the department of three employees and numerous computers.

"I think long term they're going to end up in the high school," Jamison said of technology services.

However, Jamison said before the house is razed, he has offered members of the McNeil family to remove anything of value.

"There's a gorgeous front door," Jamison noted.

Jamison said ideally the demolition would occur before school is out for the summer.

MITCH extension

The district is working to extending the contract with MITCH Charter School for another two years. At a January board meeting, the school asked for a five-year extension to its lease, something Jamison said the district didn't feel it could do. Jamison said the reason for rejecting a longer lease is because space is at a premium. Also, although current revenue is good, no one knows about the future, he said.

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