Suspect apparently reading book on how to make money illegally

The victim of a December burglary called Sandy police in early February after he recognized one of his stolen guitars for sale on the Internet. Officer Jason Coates soon arrested the suspect and obtained a search warrant for his apartment.

Coates recovered two guitars there; another was sold on eBay to a person in Albuquerque, N.M. Albuquerque police recovered it and are in the process of shipping it back.

Stolen laptop computers also were recovered, as was a book from the Molalla Library titled, 'Money for Nothing: Ten Great Ways to Make Money Illegally.' Officers said a book chapter titled 'Breaking into the Drug Trade' had been marked. In that vein, officers recovered a variety of more than 2,000 pills including ephedrine, methadone and barbiturates, with scales, packaging supplies and numerous cases of hard alcohol (with no Oregon tax stamps) and a variety of beer. They also found three cases of bootleg DVDs.

'The suspect is only 19 years old, so we believe he was making the purchases off of the Internet,' said Police Chief Harold Skelton.

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