The school raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
by: Ray Pitz, Students who took part in Archer Glen's Pennis for Patients fund raiser.

An ambitious drive by Archer Glen Elementary School students - including several bake sales, a can and bottle drive, and filling 28 collection containers with coins - resulted in the collection of $8,580.58 for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Oregon and Southwest Washington chapter.

And this year's money, more than double the students' original goal, was all donated to the memory of Colleen Thrift, the Sherwood High School junior who lost her battle with leukemia on Jan. 23.

Archer Glen students have participated in campaigns since 2001.

"Through 2006, we have collected more than $21,000, which has made Archer Glen the top fundraising school overall in the Oregon and Southwest Washington Chapter for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society," said Laura Garrett, Archer Glen chairwoman for the Pennies for Patients campaign.

Also, the $8,580 means that Archer Glen has at least beat Oregon and Southwest Washington totals from prior years, the previous record being $5,661.

Students kicked off their two-week campaign, Feb. 5 through 16, with a visit from Eric Tweed, campaign coordinator for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. From there, they got to work on the campaign, placing metal paint cans donated by Miller Paint in classrooms to collect the daily offerings.

The cans were filled with coins and a few 5's, 10's, 20's and a handful of checks. Also, a $100 bill was dropped into one can.

At the same time, a core group of students launched their own money-making projects.

Among those were Sydney Hughes and Cailyn Bowen, fifth-graders who hosted a bake sale.

"We sold bar cookies, normal cookies and brownies and we did it over two successive days," said Bowen, noting that the girls, along with classmate Lauren Zinkel, set up shop at the bottom of Cascara Terrace. "It's a very busy place so we got lots of sales. We raised $100."

Hughes said the girls had a sleepover the night before their sale where they baked cookies and made posters. Surprisingly, their most profitable sale day was during a Saturday downpour.

Meanwhile, Ashley Fenske and Sabrina Adams, both forth-graders, headed for Tualatin where they launched a successful door-to-door can and bottle drive. That campaign netted the girls $107.

"We walked about one mile," said Fenske. "We did it for 11/2hours."

One person donated a large garbage bag filled with bottles and cans.

Archer Glen fourth-grader Angela Garrett and her friends sold chocolate chip cookies, brownies, doggie treats and chocolates, even distributing fliers to give neighbors a heads up that they would be coming by.

"We had three teams and we also stood on the street corner," said Garrett. "We got $180 and we did it for two hours."

A KUPL-FM radio disc jockey even gave the bake sale an on-the-air plug Feb. 10.

Not only did the standard bake goods sell well but the canine goodies were popular as well.

Using a mold, the girls made the doggie treats and placed them in bags donated by the Tualatin PETCO.

One person purchased $10 worth of goodies, buying four doggie treats and two of everything else.

Not forgetting the Archer Glen community, fourth-graders Hannah Atkins and Timea McNeely sold their baked goods, including banana bread, in front of the school. Atkins said her father even helped by producing more cookie dough than they ever would need.

"My dad went overboard with cookie dough," she said.

McNeely said the high point for her was later going door-to-door "because we were a group and all got to speak together."

In the end, teacher Emily Page's fourth grade class was named the winner for the most money collected - $1,122.81. Other top classes included: Kindra Gasser's class, $722.99; Scott and Natasha Edinger, $618.52; Kelsey Bramstedt's class, $509.04 and Amy Clark's class, $497.98,

For their efforts, the entire school will be treated to a pajama party at the end of March.

Despite this year's record collection, Fenske promised, "We're going to have to beat that amount next year."

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