November 1984 – State voters create the Oregon Lottery to invest in economic development. • January 1985 – Bud Clark calls for the construction of the Oregon Convention Center during his first major speech as mayor. • November 1986 – Voters approve $65 million in property-tax supported bonds to build the center. The Oregon Lottery contributes $15 million and a Local Improvement District contributes $5 million. • May 1989 – Oregon Convention Center Urban Renewal Area created by the City Council to encourage redevelopment in the area. • 1990 – OCC opens; Headquarters Hotel Advisory Committee recommends building large hotel near OCC. • November 1998 – Voters defeat a bond measure to expand the OCC; Mayor Vera Katz persuades regional officials to enact a 12.5 percent hotel, motel and motor vehicle tax to fund the OCC expansion, support its operations and pay off existing bonds used to remodel the Portland Center for the Performing Arts and Civic Stadium (now PGE Park) • January 2001 – The Portland Development Commission buys the former Sizzler restaurant property across Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard through condemnation for $2.35 million. • June 2002 – The PDC buys the Convention Inn property on MLK Boulevard for $5.25 million after threatening condemnation. • September 2005 – The PDC buys the former Fox 49 property on MLK through condemnation for $4.25 million. • 2003 – OCC expansion completed. • July 2003 – PDC board approves Headquarters Hotel Implementation Strategy for building privately owned hotel with public subsidies. • October 2005 – PDC board approves Ashford Pacific/Garfield Traub development team to build and operate Westin Hotel on two blocks acquired earlier. • May 2006 – PDC approves Vision Plan for the OCC Urban Renewal Area. • July 2006 – The City Council decides against pursuing a privately owned hotel after the public subsidy grows to almost $88 million. • February 2007 – Metro Council unanimously votes to consider building a publicly owned headquarters hotel and appropriates $250,000 to the Metropolitan Exposition Recreation Commission for further study. — Jim Redden

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