All of the area cemeteries made it through the past winter with very little damage.

All of the area cemeteries made it through the past winter with very little damage.

The maintenance consisted mainly of tree limbs and other debris clean up. Estacada Cemetery District Sexton Larry Gyure also had to reset and clean some grave markers that received minor damage.

'The mower that the district purchased last fall has performed very satisfactorily,' said a spokesperson for the cemetery district.

Springwater Cemetery has a new sign, thanks to Levi Jardine, 18, who took this on as his Eagle Scout project. The district is presently receiving fill dirt to reroute the entrance to Springwater Cemetery. This will make the entrance safer to access and exit.

Viola Pioneer Cemetery has a new bench. Visitors can use the bench to rest and enjoy the view of the Cascade Range. Carl Propp and NW Technologies made this project a reality.

Odd Fellows road improvements are completed. The board is working on the purchase of a 48-niche columbarium. The new columbarium (for cremains) is tentatively set to be in service by June of 2007. The board decided to defer the opening and closing cost ($150) to persons purchasing a niche prior to installation of the columbarium in June. Anyone who is interested can call the Estacada Funeral Chapel for more information. Each niche will have names engraved so that past family members will be there for future generations of the family.

The Cemetery District Board has received many suggestions from the public, thus helping direct the work in the local cemeteries.

The Cemetery District Board meets on the first Friday of each month at the Viewpoint Restaurant at 8 a.m. Public participation is always welcome.

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