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The national media seem to have missed it, but P-town has its own entry in the Anna Nicole Smith paternity sweepstakes. … Greg Hermens, owner of the Nob Hill Bar and Grill on Northwest 23rd, says he met the late Ms. Smith while working a hamburger vendors' convention in Miami Beach during the appropriate time frame. … 'Hey, lady,' he said, using that time-honored pickup line, 'want some fries with that?' And the rest, he would like us to believe, is history. … Personally, I think we should all withhold judgment until the DNA tests are in, if only because Hermens' claim appears in an ad in the latest NW Examiner. Funny guy.


Over at the DA's office, chief deputy Norm Frink of the felony division seems genuinely concerned over whether the late great Sammy Davis Jr. actually performed in Portland in the early 1950s before he hit the big time with Frank Sinatra. … In a message sent at 3:23 p.m. Tuesday on his office e-mail, the chief deputy says he is in possession of 'evidence that strongly indicates that your assertion in Portland Confidential that Sammy Davis Jr. got his start by performing in Portland for two years before receiving the famous Sinatra telegram is in error. … What do you have to say?' … Well, Norm, I guess the first thing I have to say is, I'm glad the DA's office is taking this matter seriously. … And second, if your office really has any doubts about whether Sammy played Portland back then, I suggest you have your investigators check the local entertainment guides for the period in question. … They'll find he was a regular at the Clover Club, located across the street from the Central Library. … You also may want to send someone over to Nick's Famous Coney Island to interview Frank Nudo, who claims that as a teenager he saw Sammy perform during intermissions at the Bagdad Theater. … Although, of course, you have to take whatever Frank says with a grain of salt because, as even he will admit, during the intermissions he usually ducked outside to smoke a cigarette. … As you would know better than most, sometimes these historical investigations can be difficult. However, working together, hand in hand as it were, I am confident we eventually will get to the bottom of all this.


Not everyone is thrilled with construction on the new bus mall. … Two weeks ago, the McCormick and Schmick's downtown at First and Oak, canceled lunch altogether and moved its opening time to 4 p.m. because so many regulars along the route are leaving town. … Says receptionist Julie Boyer: 'I was born and raised here, and I have faith that it's going to be better. But who knows when?' … Now that the Rose Festival Association has decreed that the P-word is once more acceptable here, is it time to start calling that big evergreen tree we park every winter in the middle of Pioneer Courthouse Square something other than a Holiday Tree? … Maybe, but don't count on it. This is, after all, the national headquarters for political correctness. … But let us not quibble. A little bit of sanity is better than none at all. … Congratulations to the folks in charge of the Rose Festival for coming to their senses - and may this 100th anniversary celebration be the best in a long, long time.

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