Mattingly wrong about Bush cutting funding

I read with interest the March 3 letter by everyone's favorite liberal correspondent, Mike Mattingly, which pathetically attempted to promulgate the lie that President Bush's administration is directly responsible for cutting half the budget for the Center for Traumatic Brain Injury.

I learned way back in eighth grade civics that Congress, and ONLY Congress, can write spending (or in this case, lack thereof) bills. The president can sign or veto them, but he can't write them - it's part of the checks and balances the founders wrote into the Constitution. As both houses of Congress are dominated by Democrats, Mr. Mattingly ought to lay the blame for such a cut at the correct pair of feet - that of Democratic representatives and senators.

As for 'neocons' being 'delusional,' I fervently hope Mr. Mattingly continues to send The Outlook such childish drivel. Name-calling so beautifully typifies the way the Left practices 'love' and 'tolerance.'

Another Estacada hick.

Jane Pluemke

Eagle Creek

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