Tigard's use of illegal software innovative?

While enjoying my weekly review of The Times of Feb. 23, I noted the front-page article entitled 'Tigard fined for illegal software.'

After reading City Manager Prosser's positive spin wherein '…the audit actually let us clean up a lot on the computers,' my immediate reaction was that I was absorbing a press release from the White House.

Such a statement seems to connote that illegal use of copyrighted material represents innovation. However, being assessed a fine of more than $75,000 tax dollars speaks for itself. The 'fortuitous,' and additional, audit cost was not included in the article. Such circumstances cannot be passed off with any imagery of sound managerial principles and practices.

If the City Council reacts as in the past, Mr. Prosser will likely be awarded another salary increase (for meritorious work) as well as an upward cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) soon.

(In this latter instance it is Prosser's recommendation the council considers for COLA. Once adopted, he then shares this added loot with all city workers.)



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