No questions asked, just return computer

To the Editor:

My daughter had her new Apple laptop computer stolen at West Linn High School in late January. Surely, she should not have had it there, but she had it set up specifically for her, and was getting so much done with it that she did not want to be without it.

While I know the school and community work very hard to prevent this type of problem, unfortunately we are not immune to it. I hear that small items, especially small electronic items, disappear all the time; however, a computer with a value of $2,000 is not a petty theft. It is a class C felony. The perpetrator could possibly go to jail for a theft of this amount.

If you know where this computer may be, please return it; no questions asked.

We would really just like the computer returned. No questions asked. My daughter got the computer for college, and she lost many papers she was working on, including a college application and a large paper she had been working on for several weeks. She had to recreate all her work.

(Suggestion to students: Remember to back up your computer; you, too, can lose data even if your computer is not stolen.)

The great part about living in West Linn is that there still is a good chance the police will catch them. Please do not let this happen to your kids, since there is a chance that if they are caught and prosecuted, they could go to jail.

At the very least, there will be a permanent record that they will have to report every time they apply for a job. This is probably something the people who took the computer did not consider. They were probably just students who saw a computer sitting out and made a bad decision. There is still a chance for them to correct it with no consequences. The no questions deal is off once the police catch the thief.

There is a good chance that the person who stole it or a friend of the person who stole it took it home and told their parents that they got a good deal on it from a friend.

Maybe they even did buy it, but it is still stolen property. Parents, this is a time when you can help your child correct a bad decision, please help them.

Officer Bunch at the high school has the serial number and you can anonymously check with him to see if a computer matches the number.

Message to the person who took it: Please think about your life; living and working as a thief is a hard way to go. You will go to jail, if not for this, then for something else.

If you are just a person who made a bad choice, please return it to the school office. Parents please go with your child to make sure it actually gets there.

Still no questions asked. We really just want it back.

Rick Lewis

West Linn

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