New offensive coordinator Darrel 'Mouse' Davis has a big job ahead of him -plugging the returning players into his run-and-shoot system.

Two quarterbacks are back, but 6-5 senior Brian White played a total of about one game and 6-3 sophomore Tygue Howland got in for only two series. 'We have a little film on one guy and basically none on the other,' says Davis, who will coach the QBs. 'I haven't seen Brian throw the ball in person yet, but he appears to have a live arm.'

• The run-and-shoot uses two wide receivers and two slotbacks. 'It looks to me like we have what we need, except we don't have enough slot types,' Davis says. 'I know we can get that kind of kid. There are a lot of kids who can run and really catch the football but maybe don't have the size other people like.'

The Viks will look at some walk-ons for those positions during spring ball, which starts April 16.

• Davis' offense doesn't have a tight end. 'The ones we have here might wind up at running back or wide receiver or outside linebacker or even on the offensive line, if they're big and strong. It all depends,' he says.

- Steve Brandon

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