Two Sandy-area teenagers emerged unscathed from a collision with a log truck Friday morning, March 16. The brothers, ages 17 and 14, tried to cross Highway 211 while driving a pickup westbound on Dubarko Drive in South Sandy when they pulled out in front of a log truck headed southbound on the highway.

'They just misjudged,' said Sandy Deputy Fire Chief Phil Schneider. The log truck tried to stop but caught the back corner of the pickup, spinning the vehicle several times before it rested on Dubarko Drive. The impact caused a bike in the pickup bed to eject, hitting a third vehicle. No one was hurt.

Had the log truck hit the pickup anywhere else but the corner of the bumper, 'it would have been a whole 'nother scene,' Schneider said, noting the larger truck would have pushed the teens forward like a train, crushing them. 'They're very fortunate,' he noted.

Authorities closed one lane of the highway for half an hour.

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