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1917 - Local happenings from 90 years ago: Percy Larsen of Boring was honored at a surprise party for his 17th birthday, which included an 'Overland' automobile from his father; the historic Methodist Church and parsonage in Fairview were 'newly papered and repaired' and boasted a new 9-foot driveway to the buildings; and the Beers Orchestra was playing in Orient. Admission was 79 cents.

1927 - Blue Lake Park was being spruced up for spring and summer 80 years ago, with an eye on making the area an 'amusement' destination. A 'bathing pavilion' was under construction and expected to accommodate 1,000 bathers an hour. Recreational sports were added, including equipment for archery, handball and 'quoits,' as well as a bowling green and shooting gallery. Even the road leading into the park was being graded and graveled 'for the convenience of motorists.'

1937 - Apparently, the post office did more than direct mail deliveries 70 years ago. A resident of Sioux City, Iowa, wrote to Gresham's postmaster, seeking names and addresses of area berry growers who would be in need of field workers during harvest time. The Iowa man, his wife and their two sons, ages 14 and 16, were thinking of relocating to Gresham if work was favorable and promised to 'make it right' with the postmaster for his help.

1947 - This advertisement for the Betsy Joy Dress Shop from 60 years ago: 'You'll learn the facts when you visit our Blouse Bar and select from our complete stock of new blouses, dickies, scarves and head squares. You'll be bright as a Spring daffodil when you wear one of our bright, crisp, easily laundered blouses, comfortable under that new Easter suit (and) cool for later Summer wear.'

1957 - Spring training specials from 50 years ago: boys baseball caps in red or blue, 39 cents; Pee Wee League glove and ball set, $1; Junior Champ golf game, with instructions, two clubs, two balls, 10 outdoor tees and three-hole putting cup, 98 cents.

1967 - Miss Oregon greeted visitors at the grand opening of The Village Convalescent Hospital and Nursing Home 40 years ago. The complex, located on Southeast 182nd Avenue, boasted a 'rural setting' and the latest in medical services and equipment. That 'rural' facility now sits sandwiched between Centennial High School and Powell Valley Assisted Living.

1977 - It was hard to determine what was running faster in Troutdale 30 years ago: the smelt in the Sandy River or anglers looking for a good catch. It was the sixth year the fish had returned to the Sandy, after a 14-year hiatus, and it even brought out commercial fishermen, who used shovels to clear their boats. Industrious teens at Centennial High School came up with smelt pizza as a lunch offering in the school's cafeteria.

1987 - Believe it or not, Powell Boulevard near Southeast 190th Avenue was torn up even 20 years ago. Earthmovers were installing drainage pipe for a storm sewer near the intersection as part of a project to widen and realign Powell. The work was being done to reduce traffic accidents in the area.

1997 - Competition was running unusually high between Gresham and Barlow high schools 10 years ago, as the sprint for the track and field title began. The teams were neck-and-neck going into the conference title, with the Bruins besting the Gophers shortly before the state championship. Gresham returned the favor at state, taking second place to Barlow's 10th place.

2006 - Backers for a casino in Fairview were not dismayed when their proposals for an exception to the state's ban on non-tribal gaming facilities were rejected at this time last year. Lake Oswego businessmen Matthew Rossman and Bruce Studer refiled their ballot titles and plan to take notion to the voters in 2008.

Compiled from The Outlook files.

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